About Me

Pearlin Siow

Pearlin Siow


I’m just a regular chick (or so I’d like to think) who is hitting her mid 30s and frantically looking for the best “Fountain Of Youth”.

I understand that there’s only so much that Mother Nature can help me and I am on an anti aging mission to maintain my looks – in the most effective and natural way, of course!

On a more serious note, I used to be a journalist with a leading female magazine and now write freelance as well as teach pilates. In my free time, I write books.

You can reach me at pearlin(@)reviewantiaging.com – remember to take away the brackets

Here’s to never looking a day older!

Pearlin Siow

Chief Guinea Pig

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One Comments to “About Me”

  1. Hi pearlyn. gosh why didn’t i stumble upon this blog earlier. i was literally poring over every posts and am amazed at how much info i got from here.

    i’m currently working on an article on anti-aging and age management and was wondering if i can rope you in for your contribution as well.

    a few well-known names in the aesthetic field and anti-aging medicine field is talking to me. would share with you more. do reply me at this email.

    fingers crossed you will reply me. cheers :)

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