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Anti Aging Myth

12 November 2009
Youthful skin

Youthful skin

Most people think that they should only start using anti aging products when they are in their 40s or when they get  wrinkles and saggy skin. That is a myth.

In fact, anti aging is all about “freezing” your face when it is still in a good condition, not when it falls apart then do something about it. Maintanence is better than cure so we should start using anti aging products when we are in our early 20s.

Start with easy-to-use products like eye creams and a night moisturiser. The area around the eye is thin so extra care should be taken early to prevent wrinkles from appearing there. A good moisturiser is essential at night to rejuvenate and hydrate skin, especially when you sleep in an air-conditioned room. Sun block is also a must even if the weather outside is overcast.

Aging younger is a possibility if you start an anti aging regime early!

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