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26 July 2012

How time flies and it’s already halfway through 2012. Has this transformational year been special for you? For me, I embarked on some major life changes and felt a calling to attain a higher spiritual connection – which I am doing via my daily yoga sessions, meditation as well as an escape to a spiritual village in Bali.

Still on the transformational note, technology these days have enabled us to pretty much change anything we don’t like about ourselves physically, without going under the knife. We reveal all the various ways you can turn back time in our De-Ageing Special – showcasing over 20 treatments to make you brand new and erase years off your face and body! We also assign our very lucky writer, Kristen, to a head-to-toe makeover with top aesthetic doctor, Dr Elias Tam. Follow her transformation, starting from this issue and over the next four issues of ABG!

And, speaking of change, we have some very exciting announcements to make – ABG will be going quarterly from next year onwards and we are also bringing the experts closer to you with ABG Insights – a series of workshops organised by us.

Here’s to looking good inside and out! Enjoy the issue :)

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Preview: Aesthetics & Beauty Guide Jan 2012

26 November 2011

Lately, I have become obsessed. Obsessed with living well, eating right and yoga. I live, breathe and eat yoga and you will find me every morning at the yoga studio holding a challenging pose.

Some people ask me if this mindset is a conflict of interest to my work which extols aesthetic procedures to the masses. I beg to differ. To me, they go hand-in-hand as doing aesthetic procedures is all part of looking after yourself – maintaining your looks as much as you can, and giving yourself a boost in areas that Mother Nature forgot or Father Time took away.

In this issue, we offer a more holistic approach to looking good with a special feature on spas as well as a blow-by-blow account of what happens at a detox resort – something I’d highly recommend everyone to do once in their lives. You emerge so much lighter, energetic and with a glow to boot!

You’d also not want to miss our Feel Good, Look Great section which showcases the latest technology that can hold the effects of gravity at bay! As if that is not enough, we reveal the treatments that beauty insiders use to keep themselves svelte and line-free – best of all, they are all within reach!

Also inside this issue:

  1. Mane Event – Treatments for fuller, healthier locks
  2. The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – You’d want to read this before booking your appointment
  3. Sexify Yourself – Bootylicious treatments to kick bedroom antics up a notch
  4. Beauty Chat with Andrea De Cruz – Find out how this TV personality turned hair guru keeps herself looking great
  5. Fillers For Asian Faces – How to correctly enhance your looks with fillers suitable for you

Look out for the magazine at the end of January 2012! In the meantime, ommmm….

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide Jan 2012

8 October 2011

I’m always excited when I am planning the next issue of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide. Apart from the deluge of pampering treatments to look forward to, it is also extremely gratifying to conjure a rocking editorial list that will give my readers insight into the latest treatments and products available that can make them feel and look better.

After scouring the Internet, online beauty forums and blogs, and speaking to people, here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect from ABG 2012:

- Sexy treatments to add some sizzle back into your schizzle

- The latest anti-aging treatments at top spas

- Age Management aka how to age younger feature

- Everything you wanted to know about breast augmentation

- The truth about cosmetic surgery abroad

- The most powerful treatment for pigmentation

- And, last but not least, we have a secret celebrity gracing our cover and sharing her beauty tips

All you need to start 2012 looking your best and more!

However, if you can’t wait, you can still grab a copy of our July’s issue at news-stands…

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide in 3 Languages!

29 July 2011

I’m happy and proud to announce that Aesthetics & Beauty Guide is now available in three languages!

I have to give Dr Georgia Lee credit for the Mandarin edition. During my routine check-up with the stylish doctor, she casually mentioned that I should do a Chinese version to cater to the the predominantly Mandarin-speaking population. A light bulb went off and after a quick discussion with my publisher, we set out to do ABG in Mandarin. The inaugural issue came out in May and feedback has been encouraging.

The Bahasa Indonesian version was the result of another chance meeting. When I was a freelance editor of The Republic last year, I interviewed Mr Soetikno Soedarjo of MRA Group, a media and luxury tycoon in Indonesia who not only bestowed me with a free stay at his beautiful Bvlgari Bali, but also asked me to send him a copy of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide, after I mentioned to him about it. He contacted my publisher  who made a trip down to Jakarta and the deal was done. ABG Indonesia will be published in October, together with one of his many publications, Harpers Bazaar!

Lesson learnt: opportunities are all around, you just have to listen, stay open and ACT!

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide July – coming soon!

16 July 2011

After toiling for two months and subjecting my face and body to countless treatments in the name of work, the 3rd issue of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide (July) is done and will be out end of this month!

From in-depth reviews of the latest body slimming procedures to amazing new facial treatments that rejuvenate without any downtime, ABG July will serve to be your beauty bible to the world of advanced aesthetic technology.

Look out for it at all news-stands, petrol kiosks and the back of Mercedes Premier cabs soon!

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide July – Beauty Queens Special!

25 June 2011

I’ve been busy wrapping up July’s edition of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide – and I am thrilled! Not because I am looking more rejuvenated thanks to all the latest treatments I’ve been trying for work, but because we are doing a beauty queens special and shooting our cover for the first time with 2 beauty queens (did I just mention beauty queens 3 times in a row? – that’s how excited I am!).

For this issue, we got beauty queens to spill the beans on what they do to look good and feel great, and while good genes play a part, you’ll be relieved to know that hard work, grooming and using the right products are integral too. Read and learn from these beauty experts!

You will be happy to know that the latest trend now is all about treatments with little or no downtime. With technology advancing at a rapid speed, more super machines are being developed that promises to erase all your problems with no interruption to your hectic social life. Who can afford to stay home for a week these days to recuperate from treatments? We want to zip into the clinic and out to our limousine ready to be whisked to our next soiree!

ABG is still first and foremost an educational guide to the complicated world of laser machines and aesthetic treatments, and with this issue, readers can once again look forward to our in-depth treatment reviews and further explanations of even more industry jargon. Look out for Aesthetics & Beauty Guide when it hits news stands in July!

Eat Pig’s Skin For Good Skin?

28 May 2011

Apparently so, says Lily Kew, founder of GLOW Aesthetics. And, if you look at this 40-year-old’s taut and glowing skin, it must work! She shares more skin secrets here:

The clichéd answer would be to eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water and consume less salt in foods. However, I am going to share a secret my grandmother has passed down to me. 

Believe it or not, you need to eat pigs’ skin and make sure you shave off the layer of excess fat; just eat the skin itself. You can find this commonly as a key ingredient in kway chap at your local hawker centre. You can also find pigs’ skin at some yong tau foo shops.

Apart from this, another food that contributes to good skin is chicken feet, which you will normally find served as one of many dim sum dishes. Alternatively, if you were to cook chicken feet with red dates, wolfberries and peanuts, I promise this will give you skin that everyone will be envious of.

Another food that will give you good skin is white fungus. I suggest these foods because they are high in collagen and fats. Once consumed; they provide your skin with natural moisture which prevents the formation of wrinkles, and creates a barrier prohibiting UV rays from damaging your skin and thus prevents pigmentation. The collagen gives your skin added firmness.

To read her full article, get a copy of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide December issue, in newstands and petrol kiosks now!

Anti Aging Treatments I’m Trying Next Week…

22 April 2011

Most people slot a beauty treatment a week. Me? Due to lack of time, I am booked out to try four treatments, all in the name of research for my magazine, Aesthetic & Beauty Guide.

Here’s my beauty schedule next week:

Tuesday: Fraxel laser treatment for stretch marks. This treatment has some doctors reporting about 50-75% of positive results within a series of three to five treatments.  It is relatively painless, and there is slight downtime, however, you can expect see an almost instant result, faster than any other treatment that have ever been administered on stretch marks before.

Wednesday: Tattoo removal treatment. Teenage folly has resulted in a number of tattoos that I’d like removed. Can’t wait to check this out…and this only means one thing – more space for new ink!

Friday: PPx for hair removal followed by facial mesotherapy. PPx is reputed to be five times more effective than IPL for hair removal and the latter involves running a series of tiny needles all across the face to improve skin’s texture and tone. Sounds painful but pain is relative to me. In fact, I secretly like pain. Guess I am in the right line then :)

Pretty hardcore eh? Gosh! I feel like a big-haired Hermes-carrying tai-tai in Beverly Hills…

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide July 2011

8 April 2011

Planning the new issue of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide (ABG) is always a fun process – I think about all the treatments I want to get, and contact the relevant places for it. Well…that’s part of the process, it’s actually a lot of work as I have to research online and in forums to find out what is new and relevant, then develop topics to cover those themes.

Working for a bi-annual magazine also makes me think way ahead, and considering that July is already mid-year, I’m sure many of you are tired from work and in need of a break. That’s why I decided to make ABG July a wellness issue, covering pampering treatments at spas as well as the latest rejuvenating treatments to revive tired miens. Everybody say ahhhh….

The latest trend now is also about treatments with little or no downtime. With technology advancing at a rapid speed, more super machines are being developed that promises to erase all your problems with no interruption to your hectic social life. Who can afford to stay home for a week these days to recuperate from treatments? We want to zip into the clinic and out to our limousine ready to be whisked to our next soiree!

ABG is still first and foremost an educational guide to the complicated world of laser machines and aesthetic treatments, and with July’s issue, readers can once again look forward to our in-depth treatment reviews and further explanations of even more industry jargon. Fun, fun, fun!

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide – out now!

11 February 2011

Get your copy now before it’s sold out (yes that’s what happened for the last issue!). What you’ll find inside:

Aesthetics 101

-       Top 10 Aesthetic Treatments & Plastic Surgeries

-       Aesthetic Tips: How to find a suitable doctor

Imperfections Special

-       Whatever your problem or budget, there’s a treatment here for you.

Laser Genesis - A non-ablative solution for younger-looking, glowing skin.

Fraxel Dual - Get rid of pigmentation faster with this new laser.

Revlite – Treat melasma and other pigmentation with this gentle laser.

Matrix IR – Smooth away wrinkles without downtime with the revolutionary elōs fractional technology.

Ask The Dermatologist

-       Dr Ang Chee Beng talks about laser treatments and how they can help improve skin.

Breast Fillers - Get shapelier breasts without surgery.

LPG - Knead and roll your way to a slimmer body.

Indiba - This treatment uses heat to burn off fats.


-       Beauty Chat: With entrepreneur Merry Riana

-       Tried & Tested!  YouTube Guru Sarah Chaudhry and her top five beauty picks.

-       Ask The Beauty Expert: We get beauty and health tips from Lily Kew, founder of Glow Spa.

-       Acne Away! Top 8 grooming tips for men.

-       Ask The Beauty Queen: All your fashion and beauty woes answered.

Anti Aging Special

-       All About Fillers with Dr David Loh

-       New Face Lift: Sculptra: Find out about a new collagen treatment that will help put back what time has taken out.

Lifestyle and Wellness

 Hydrafacial – A cutting-edge technology in non-laser skin resurfacing for clearer  and more beautiful skin.

Cool Sculpt – Latest non-invasive procedure to selectively reduce fat in problem areas using a patented cooling technology.

PPx Pro  - Photopneumatic Profusion (PPx Pro TM) is five times safer, faster and more effective in treating acne, eradicating pigmentation and removing unwanted hair.


-       Power Plate Workout: Shape up faster and more efficiently with this workout of the stars!

Ask The Plastic Surgeon

-       Find out how you can reverse signs of aging with facial rejuvenation by Dr Marco Faria Correa

5 Minutes With…

-       Dr Joyce Lim: This skincare doyenne talks about pigmentation and her solutions to skin imperfections.

Ask The Dentist

-       Dr Edward Liew from St Andrews Dental Surgeons clues us in on how to have a perfect smile.

Ask The Lasik Surgeon

-       Q&A with Dr Steve Seah from Optimax Lasik Centre

Industry Happenings

-       A sneak preview into the latest products and machines for all your beauty concerns.

What’s In The News: Cosmeceutical Skincare, Latisse, UltraShape 3, Vaginal Resurfacing


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