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Prevention is better than cure…

13 February 2010
Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

This is the latest photo of Donatella Versace. Doesn’t she look scary? Like a living corpse…and she is still sun-tanning!

To avoid looking like her, avoid the sun and if you must, make sure you apply lots of sunblock (I normally do that as well as cover my head with a towel if I’m at the pool).

You’ll need more than sun avoidance to maintain your looks today - what with the amount of chemicals we consume, hectic lifestyles we lead and stronger UV rays thanks to global warming . Being a guinea pig for my anti aging website, I am lucky to be able to try all the latest anti aging aesthetic treatments and here’s my top picks to keep you looking youthful from head to toe:

For radiant and poreless skin:

Erbium Laser Treatment

If money was no object:

Ulthera Face Lifting Treatment

Having whiter teeth will make you look younger and more attractive:

BriteSmile Teeth Whitening Treatment

Get rid of dark eye rings for an instant, refreshed look:

Underye Fillers

Not into lasers, but want clearer and brighter skin, try this:

Ferulic Acid Chemical Peel

Want to get fit and remove cellulite at the same time? This treatment will help:

Power Plate Weight Loss and Cellulite Treatment

For a luxurious facial that will give you an instant glow:

Fil Anti Aging Stem Celluar Treatment

Best Anti Aging Treatments

1 January 2010

I am fortunate to be able to review all sorts of anti aging treatments for my work – from the bizarre (labia rejuvenation anyone?) to the luxurious (Ulthera at $7500 a pop), I’ve tried them all and here’s the round-up of my favourites:



1. Ulthera – this latest breakthrough in anti aging uses ultrasound to precisely target the fibro-muscular layers of the skin while leaving the top layers including the epidermis unaffected. My skin felt really taut after the treatment and the loose skin under my chin disappeared!

Read more:

Erbium laser treatment

Erbium laser treatment

2. Erbium laser treatment – This laser treatment worked the best for me. It effectively unclogged my pores, made my oily skin matte and gave me a glow that lasted for days.

Read more:

FIL Stem Celluar Homecare Range

FIL Stem Celluar Homecare Range

3. Fil Stem Celluar Treatment – One of the best facials I’ve had, this one uses rare apples from the Swiss Alps and in just under two hours, repaired my sunburnt skin and made me look like I’ve just returned from a holiday.

 Read more:

Britesmile teeth whitening home kit

Britesmile teeth whitening home kit

4. Britesmile Teeth Whitening – Do not underestimate the youthful appeal of clean, white teeth. Having my sensitive teeth whitened painlessly was an additional bonus.

Read more:

Ferulic acid chemical peel products

Ferulic acid chemical peel products

5. Ferulic acid peel – Say goodbye to painful chemical peels! This gentle peel had no downtime and gave me a healthy glow.

Read more:

Stay tuned for more anti aging treatments in 2010!

Anti Aging Santarina

23 December 2009
Facial Remodelling - Get a sharper face in minutes!

Facial Remodelling - Get a sharper face in minutes!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is looking radiant and having a bubbly celebration :)

I’ve actually been feeling like an anti aging Santarina for the last 6 months- bestowing anti aging and laser treatments on friends and readers of my website, I love to see how happy they are after their treatments and it makes my job very fulfilling.

Here are some of their reviews:

If you’d like to join them, sign up here:

Alternatively, join my Facebook Fan Page for free reviews and promotions:

Why I Started

11 September 2009

As I network and make my rounds in the aesthetics industry, I always get asked this question – Why did you start Yes, number one reason is vanity, because I would like to know and try anti aging treatments, but there is another more noble cause behind it.

IPL burns

IPL burns

I’ve had friends who have been burnt by IPL treatments or had suffered hyperpigmentation after laser treatments. Most of them did their treatments at beauty salons, not at aesthetic doctors. Aesthetic treatments when done with the right accredited doctors can really enhance your complexion and solve a magnitude of skin problems, not make things worse!

So, was started to educate people on the proper procedures as well as point them in the right direction of aesthetic doctors who have been tested and approved. Everyone should have great skin, yet there are people walking around with acne, pitted scars, pigmentation, etc.

Hopefully, will be the antidote to all that :)

Find out the solutions to all your skin problems here:

What Is Your Dream List Of Beauty Treatments?

27 August 2009
lots of money for beauty treatments

lots of money for beauty treatments!

If money was no object, this will be my dream list:

1. Erbium laser treatment twice a year

2. IPL hair removal for armpits, Brazilian and lower legs

3. Laser teeth whitening once a year

What is yours?

Laser Treatments – Sights And Sounds Of A Laser Treatment

19 August 2009
YouTube Preview Image

Watch my video of a laser treatment using the Q-switched Nd-Yag laser.

Read Felicia’s review here:

Bloggers Needed!

18 August 2009
Ash of Starmist blog reviews IPL acne treatment

Ash of Starmist blog reviews IPL acne treatment

I would like to create a dream team of expert reviewers made up of bloggers.

As I have started work on my fourth book, I am looking to outsource my laser treatment reviews and bloggers are the best suited as they are comfortable writing and taking pictures.

If you become my expert reviewer, you get to enjoy laser treatments for free – saving you thousands of dollars and giving you glowing, healthy skin!

Not too shabby eh?

If you are a blogger and you are keen, sign up here with your blog address and I will get in touch with you:

In the meantime, read my first blogger’s review here:

Laser Treatments Quickie Guide

12 August 2009
Erbium laser treatment

Erbium laser treatment

It’s easy to feel lost looking at all the various laser treatments available. Here’s a quickie guide to help:

1. Problem: Acne

Erbium laser treatment

2. Problem: Acne scars and pigmentation

AHP Weekend Peel

Fractional CO2 laser treatment

Pixel Skin Resurfacing laser treatment

3. Fine lines

AHP Weekend Peel

Pixel Skin Resurfacing laser treatment

4. Rejuvenation

Dermlift laser treatment

SpectraPeel laser treatment

GrandiLite treatment

5. Saggy skin

GrandiLite treatment

Laser Treatments Are Not All I Do…

6 August 2009
Secrets of Asias Most Successful Internet Gurus - out end of this week in all major bookstores!

Secrets of Asia's Most Successful Internet Gurus - out end of this week in all major bookstores!

Sorry for the lack of laser treatment reviews, I’ve been busy getting ready for the launch of my third book, Secrets Of Asia’s Most Successful Internet Gurus – which will be out end of this week in all major bookstores and on This book is very special to me because it incited my passion for internet marketing and I have also learnt a lot of secret techniques from these gurus during my interviews with them.

I’m also working on my fourth book which is still secret…

Laser treatment reviews will resume in the next two weeks. I have some exciting big-name companies coming onboard to share their goodies with you readers and more interesting anti aging treatments will be coming up – IPL breast firming, hair rejuvenation, non-surgical face lift and more.

Stay tuned!

Laser Treatment Video – Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

6 August 2009
YouTube Preview Image

This laser treatment will deliver more supple skin, build up more collagen and your skin will actually get better over time. It also promises smaller pores and has exfoliating benefits to unclog pores.

Read my review here:

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