How NOT to die from Liposuction

7 January 2010
CEO Franklin Heng who died from liposuction recently

CEO Franklin Heng who died from liposuction recently

The recent case of Franklin Heng, CEO of YTL Plastic Star could be the first case of someone in Singapore dying from Liposuction.

So is liposuction safe?

This depends upon many factors. I mean, yes – it is safe if the below factors are in your favor and the guidelines followed.

Success and safety depends largely on these factors:

- If you disclose your complete medical history, conditions, medications, and anything else which is pertinent to helping a surgeon assess if you are a good candidate

- The ability of a surgeon to determine if you are a true candidate for the procedure

- The surgical skill and training of the surgeon

- The skill and training of the anesthesiologist (if applicable) and surgical staff

- Your willingness to follow post-operative protocol obediently

Here are some key factors to increase your chances of a safe and satisfying surgery. You must realize things DO happen but you can do your best to prevent them.

Before embarking on liposuction:

- Research, research, research! This means finding out about the procedure, the risks, the recovery and what to expect, most importantly, YOUR SURGEON

- Search for a properly trained and extremely experienced surgeon to perform your liposuction. Make sure they are certified to give you the results you desire – safely

- Go on consistent results and word of mouth. But it is YOUR decision, don’t let your friends sway your decision

- Inquire regarding the skill and training of the surgical and recovery staff

- Be sure to convey your exact expectations, and make sure they are realistic. You can’t turn into Megan Fox overnight with a little liposuction

- Prepare your mind before your procedure and don’t have overly high expectations – this is important to avoid disappointment

- Follow post-operative protocol as instructed

- Attend your post-operative appointments