New Anti-Aging Clinic – DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

30 May 2012

“Ageing is optional” – This is the tagline of newly-opened aesthetic clinic, DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, which prides itself on three values – safety, results and luxury.

Located on the fifth floor of ION Orchard, this urban retreat is perfectly catered for sophisticated clients who can be dropped off directly outside its entrance, allowing them immense convenience and privacy in accessing the clinic. Be pampered the moment you enter the clinic by their in-house concierge, where you will wait in the plush private lounge and be served refreshing beverages such as juices, organic teas, including Bird’s Nest! You will also be handed your personal iPad where you can browse the web or check out DERMACARE™’s very own app which showcases all their treatments and you can even watch videos of their procedures in this interactive app.

DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic, slimming and luxury facial treatments – from HydraFacials to Ultherapy, to cater to your every discerning need – marrying medical expertise with the highest standards of quality and unparalleled luxurious pampering.

DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic is located at #05-05, ION Orchard. For more information, visit www.dermacare.com.sg and “Like” their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DermacareAesthetic.

Have you got your copy yet?

20 August 2010

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide (ABG) is the first aesthetics magazine from Singapore to bridge the information gap between medical professionals and the layman. In every issue, you will find detailed treatment reviews , the lowdown on the latest aesthetic treatments available and profiles of qualified medical professionals – basically, your go-to guide for all things aesthetics.

I started ReviewAntiAging.com last year in my personal pursuit to look for the best aesthetic treatments for myself. My partnership with ABG has allowed me to share my vast experience with a wider pool of women (and men!).  In the name of “work”, I’ve reviewed almost 20 treatments and looking at my skin now – smooth, radiant and taut, I’m definitely a big believer that aesthetic treatments can help you get better skin and maintain your complexion for many years to come.

In this inaugural issue of ABG, you’ll get a crash course in Aesthetics 101, reviews of the latest and most effective aesthetic treatments, hear from Dr Georgia Lee as she talks about her new skincare range, get all your acne questions answered by renown dermatologist, Dr Joyce Lim, get the skinny on the newest slimming treatments to get rid of your wobbly bits, and many more health and beauty tips.

ABG is available at all major newstands and bookstores, get your copy before it’s sold out (I hear that Kino and Borders have had to replenish and copies are being stolen from doctors’ clinics)!





How not to have your husband do a Jack Neo…

17 March 2010
YouTube Preview Image

It is inevitable. You will age and your husband’s eyes may wander. As in the case of Jack Neo.

Looking at the old pictures of him and his wife, Irene. I must say that Irene is quite the catch for him with her pretty Eurasian looks. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll with her and she does not quite look as fetching now. Is that the reason for him hitting on young (very young!) women? I can’t say but it is a common fact that men do like sweet young things as they get older.

Thankfully, there are now many non-invasive aesthetic treatments that can help maintain your good looks without resorting to going under the knife. 

Here’s some advice from Dr David Loh:

Go for subtle changes that will gradually improve over time. Enhance your inner beauty and confidence without changing your looks too dramatically. Less is indeed more! Choose treatments, like the Ulthera, that makes you look and feel good without any curiosity or suspicious attention from people around you.  Imagine a painless instant facelift that leaves absolutely no swelling, redness or marks. That is the Ulthera Non-surgical Facelift.

Here’s more information about the Ulthera Non-surgical Facelift:

According to Dr David Loh, each treatment offered by his clinic is not there by chance. “They are all beyond doubt the gentlest within its class of treatments. For example Ulthera Non-surgical Facelift, as a skin tightening procedure, leaves absolutely no redness or visible marks. It is such an elegant procedure that patients feel confident enough return to work the same day. This is unlike many popular laser treatments offered today where there is some redness (or a feeling of rawness) that may take several days to go away.”
VASER is another example where less is more. Less pain and recovery time, but more fats are removed. It is indisputably the gentlest among office-based liposuction procedures. The sound waves that destroy the fat cells do no harm to the blood vessels, nerves or muscles. This process is called Vaser Lipo-Selection. Bruising and discomfort is reduced to a fraction that compared with conventional liposuction.