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Dr Georgia Lee

25 September 2009
Louis Vuitton party with Dr Georgia Lee
Louis Vuitton party with Dr Georgia Lee

I was invited by Dr Georgia Lee to attend a Louis Vuitton party at the Ion today.

Dr Georgia Lee and I
Dr Georgia Lee and I

I’ve known Dr Georgia Lee for more than 10 years. Back when she was a General Practitioner and when I was living near Holland Village. She’s always looked great and I would look forward to seeing what she’d wear – be it a Vietnamese dao or a chic dress.

We’ve kept in touch and she’s remained my gynae, even though she does not do gynae services for patients now.
It’s wonderful to see how successful she’s become as an aesthetic doctor, but it is not at all surprising. Dr Georgia Lee is one of the warmest and most helpful people I know. She takes the time to attend to you and when I got married four years ago, she gave me a complimentary IPL session.  She’s also been extremely supportive of all my business ventures and I am very grateful for all her help!
Find out more about Dr Georgia Lee here:
Dr Georgia Lee's skincare in the goodie bag
Dr Georgia Lee’s skincare in the goodie bag

If you are not aware, she’s started her own skincare line, which I received today in my goodie bag. Inside, there is a cleaner, scrub, toner, moisturiser and blotting paper, and I can’t wait to try them out! In fact, I will probably review them here. Watch this space!

Find out more about Dr Georgia Lee’s skin care here:

p.s. It’s been a month of cancelled appointments and clashing schedules, hence the lack of reviews. Thanks for your patience. I am currently working on an exciting Anti Aging section featuring one of the most innovative products I came across at the Aesthetics Asia Exhibition and Convention :)

Anti Aging Tips

18 September 2009

Surprising ways to get healthier, calmer, stronger & happier: 

1. Follow the two-bites principle – Have two bites of anything you want that’s unhealthy and pass it on. Those first nibbles have the most flavour and give you the most pleasure – you’ll often find they’re enough to satisfy a craving.

2. Breathe right  – Take five minutes to energise yourself with this simple aroma-therapeutic breathing technique. Hold your favourite tea bag (dry, not brewed) near your nose (try cinnamon, apple spice, ginger or peppermint), then inhale through your nose for a count of four, holding your breath for eight, and finally exhaling for a count of four. Repeat 10 times and you’ll feel instantly more revved.

3. Rearrange your desk – It will save you time and will establish a visual path for the workflow through your office. Create three areas: “In, In-process and Out”. The In area should be at the corner of your desk closest to the door and should contain only things that are brand-new. Once you’ve started work on something, it goes into the In Process area (the largest in the system) which should be within arm’s reach. The farthest end of your desk is the Out area, this includes letters and packages to mail or hand in. Taking just half an hour to create this simple system will help you stay calm and controlled.

4. Schedule a fitness wake up call – Make a pact with a friend to phone each other for your morning workouts. It may just be the extra push you need to get out of bed and into your workout clothes. Use the same tactic to lure your workaholic friend out of the office and into your favourite Spinning class.

5. Visualise success – Before, say giving a presentation, take three minutes to visualize things turning out wonderful. A calm feeling will come over you that prepares and sets your body in the right tone.

6. Declare an email-free zone for an hour – For many businesspeople, email has become a terrible addiction that interrupts their thinking and their ability to concentrate. If, instead you spend the first hour of your day doing your most critical task, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

7. Select a stretch of the day – Write the stretch on a Post-it note and place it on your keyboard, then do the stretch for 20-30 seconds (no bouncing) everytime you think of it (aim for two or three times a day). Stretch these five areas to get your through your first workweek: wrists, neck, shoulders, calves, back.

8. B energised – Supplement with a B-vitamin complex formula that includes B6, especially when you are on oral contraceptives which interfere with the absorption of B vitamins, which may make you feel sluggish, depressed or tired.

9. Follow the 10 per cent per week rule – Working out at too intense a pace for too long increases your chance of injury, and wreck havoc on your digestive system, causing constipation, diarrhoea or even vomiting. Aim to keep your workout time and resistance by no more than 10 per cent per week.

10. Stop a snack attack – Eliminate a taste trigger to a snack you can’t stop nibbling by eating something that is the exact opposite. For instance, if you are craving something sweet, sip something tart such as water with lemon in it. When chips or nuts are tempting, reach for an apple or a piece of cheddar to counter the salty, crunchy taste trigger.

One piece of advice experts love to give to anyone contemplating a major life change is: “Take baby steps”. By focusing instead on meeting one simple goal at a time, you might find that you have dropped a size, deepened your relationships, improved your 5km time – or that you simply smiled more often.

Why I Started

11 September 2009

As I network and make my rounds in the aesthetics industry, I always get asked this question – Why did you start Yes, number one reason is vanity, because I would like to know and try anti aging treatments, but there is another more noble cause behind it.

IPL burns

IPL burns

I’ve had friends who have been burnt by IPL treatments or had suffered hyperpigmentation after laser treatments. Most of them did their treatments at beauty salons, not at aesthetic doctors. Aesthetic treatments when done with the right accredited doctors can really enhance your complexion and solve a magnitude of skin problems, not make things worse!

So, was started to educate people on the proper procedures as well as point them in the right direction of aesthetic doctors who have been tested and approved. Everyone should have great skin, yet there are people walking around with acne, pitted scars, pigmentation, etc.

Hopefully, will be the antidote to all that :)

Find out the solutions to all your skin problems here:

Aesthetics Is Big Business!

4 September 2009
I just came back from the Aesthetics Asia Exhibition and Congress where I was invited to cover the event. This is a massive annual event that features anti aging and aesthetic companies all over the world!
Dr Priya Sen's talk

Dr Priya Sen's talk

Held at The Fairmont Hotel, it started with the launch of Sculptura – a natural collagen stimulator. I saw pretty amazing results, especially of a 63-year-old lady who looks 50! What I learnt from the introduction talk by Dr Priya Sen, a consultant dermatologist at The Singapore National Skin Centre:

How we age depends on these 4 factors:

  • Genetics – look at your mom to see how you will age
  • Gender – men age faster than women
  • Race – Caucasians age faster than Asians
  • Environment – stress, smoking, sun, etc

Difference between how Caucasians and Asians age:

  • Caucasians have more wrinkles
  • Asians have more pigmentation and saggy skin
  • Caucasians age 10 years earlier than Asians

The moral of the story taken from the talk: It is easier to maintain good skin than restore bad skin (that’s why I have started my laser treatments now!).

Sculptra booth

Sculptra booth

I’m really excited about all the products and machines I saw at The Aesthetics Asia Exhibition and Congress – it was truly eye-opening and over the next few months, I will be picking the best of what I saw at the convention and sharing them on Look out for it!

New – Boob Job With A Jab!

2 September 2009

 Voluptuous Curves with  Joie De Vivre Suite of Aesthetic Enhancements

A boob job with a jab! That’s is the latest and most popular non surgical aesthetic treatment. Since its inception, Dr Vanessa Phua’s signature Joie De Vivre Suite Suite of Aesthetic Enhancements has helped many individuals fulfill their lifelong desire for a fuller, and more voluptuous bosom, and curvaceous buttocks.

Joie De Vivre Beautiful Breasts & Buttocks

  • Safe, Soft, Natural
  • Non-Surgical, local anaesthetic only
  • Biodegradable premium CE marked filler
  • Instant Results
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Suitable for those who want to regain/enhance youthful volume

This breast filler treatment is available at Asia Health Partners and costs $7500 onwards.

Before breast filler

Breast filler