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Online Influencer

31 October 2009
Elizabeth Arden Prevage

Elizabeth Arden Prevage

Thanks to my anti aging website,, I have been invited by Elizabeth Arden to be an Online Influencer or “Efluencer” to work together with them to launch their anti aging treatment, Prevage.

Traditional media is losing its appeal these days and most people would rather listen to their best friend’s recommendations than an ad in the papers or magazine. For eg, if a blog has 100 readers (conservative number), 10 people blogging will give you 1000 readers finding out about your services FROM SOURCES THAT THEY TRUST (that is the magic ingredient).
As part of this exclusive network, I will be invited to preview workshops and given product samples so that I can review them online. How cool is that?

Anti Aging Secrets Of The Japanese

22 October 2009

I’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in Tokyo. What an awesome city – stylish and polite people, fabulous food, clean city full of creative retail ideas…I could go on forever!

While there, I realised that the Japanese are leaders when it comes to anti aging. Most of the older folks have great skin, a full head of hair and are sprightly. It doesn’t help that they are savvy dressers too!

Anti Aging Secrets of the Japanese

Anti Aging Secrets of the Japanese

So what is their anti aging secret? I think it boils down to these factors:

1. Physical exercise – Most young people prefer bicycles to cars and walk everywhere. Dishwashers and dryers are also non-existent probably due to space contraints so they have to do these chores manually.

2. Mental exercise – Japanese are avid readers, they are one of the largest consumers of printed material and seldom watch TV. They also enjoy puzzles like Sodoku.

3. Fresh foods – Their food is centred around freshness and they seldom eat processed foods. Meat consumption is low and they eat mostly beans, fish and vegetables. Servings are also small and desserts are kept for special occasions. Not to mention, they down copious amounts of green tea which is full of anti-oxidants.

I’m heading to the grocery store to stock up on green tea tomorrow…

My Great Skin Guide

7 October 2009
Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises

Just came back from a great run up Mt Faber with my puppy. Doing cardio not only keeps your body strong and young, it can also improve your complexion.  Blood starts pumping in your face, drawing oxygen to your skin, giving you an instant radiant complexion. And, it’s free!

Even though I am a big believer in laser treatments, I also believe in being holistic. Doing thousand-dollar caviar facials and laser treatments every month will not help you if you smoke, are stressed and eat rubbish. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. When your internal organs are working well,  your skin glows and is taut.

Yoga for relaxation

Yoga for relaxation

I started looking after myself better in my late 20s. I quit smoking and began an exercise regime –  pilates and yoga to relax and running for cardio, ate more fruits and vegetables – choosing food with high omega like salmon for its skin loving properties. I cut back on sugar as too much of it ages skin. I also tried to relax more – to be more aware of the present, less worrying and being content. Having a balanced nervous system not only does wonders for your skin, but also makes you a more fun person to be around!

I think that all my efforts have paid well (on top of the laser treatments I try for my work) as I often get mistaken for my younger sister :)

How about you? Do you have any skin care tips to share?