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Dinner date with Dr Woffles Wu

31 July 2010
dr woffles wu

Dr Woffles Wu & me

It’s not every day that you get an invitation to have a private tete-a-tete with Singapore’s most famous doctor, so when fellow blogger, Shirleen, asked if I wanted to have dinner with Dr Woffles Wu at his home, I jumped at the opportunity.

As usual, I was super early and arrived at his modest but very cosy home, catching Dr Wu under the table, trying to work the steamboat pot. All my nervousness about meeting this famous plastic surgeon disappeared when I saw that he was  just a regular guy, trying to make sense of electronic appliances. As I am not exactly electronic-savvy, I wandered to his garden to admire his plants, cockatoo and two cats. Dr Wu actually lives in a separate bungalow at the back of his garden with his wife and two kids – a boy aged 10 and a girl, six. His mum, aunt and two maids live in the house in front which is also a communal gathering place for dinners and family bonding sessions.

dinner with dr woffles wu

Check out all that food!

As the other bloggers arrived, we were led to a huge feast of chicken rice, braised pork, vegetables and steamboat, as well as bottles of wine and champagne. After the usual photo-taking (what do you expect, we are bloggers after all!), everyone sat down and tucked in.

dr woffles wu &  bloggers

Dr Woffles Wu & bloggers

It’s easy to see why Dr Wu is such a media darling as he is an amicable and very humourous man who entertained us for five hours in a wide range of topics ranging from aesthetic treatments (“It’s aesthetic not aesthetics, just like I’m a plastic surgeon, not a plastics surgeon!” says the good doctor) to transgender procedures and iPhone apps. He answered all our questions eloquently, with his slight British accent, which kinda reminded me of the way MM Lee speaks. I learnt alot during our session, fascinated in particular with The Golden Ratio theory (go Google it!) and his take on the various aesthetic procedures available.

Dr Wu calls himself “old-fashioned” when it comes to advertising, preferring to let his work speak for himself. However, he is, in no way, unsavvy at marketing himself. This dinner is proof – even though it was a casual setting with no agenda, everyone got to know him on a deeper level – as a world-renowned doctor who jets around the world giving lectures, a caring son, husband and father, and a great dinner conversationalist. Guess who I’ll go to when I need any *ahem* maintenance? Dr Woffles Wu, of course!

Great bargains not to be missed!

23 July 2010

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

I got a few of my blogger friends some aesthetic treats in the last two weeks. They reviewed a range of aesthetic skin treatments from HealthTrends and HealthTrends was kind enough to offer crazy discounts for readers of their blogs.

What they tried:

1. Acne Scar reduction by Mosaic eCO2 fractional laser. This is great for reducing acne scars and costs $1200 per treatment.
2. Skin Rejuvenation and removal of pigmentation by USA Medlite C6 Laser. Self-explanatory and costs $320 per session.
3. Rejuvenating Peel by TCA. This costs $280 per treatment and is great for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

Being the nice person that I am (ahem!), I thought I’d point you in the right directions so that you can get to try these skin treatments at a great discount too. Personally, I’ve tried the CO2 fractional laser and it was very effective in rejuvenating skin but it is a strong laser so expect some downtime. Here’s my review:

Below are the links to the blogger reviews and follow the instructions to redeem your discount. Christmas just came early, enjoy and don’t forget to thank me for your great skin :)




How to get a $600 hi-tech facial for $210…

19 July 2010

DNA-RNA Platinum NanoPLUS Treatment

Platinum and silver are used for jewellery but do you know that these precious metals contain anti-bacterial and antioxidants that can be used to achieve exceptional results in skin rejuvenation?

Platinum helps lock in skin moisture while enhancing skin self-defense function. Silver, an anti-bacteria agent used by NASA as a preservative of drinking water, can enhance skin immune system, boost blood circulation, skin metabolism and prevent skin degradation.   

I got a chance to experience this outstanding treatment at TOUCHE™ Elite, and now you can get a chance to try this amazing facial valued at $600 for only $210! Read my review here and then follow the instructions there:

How to stay young forever

8 July 2010

Today’s post is going to be different as I am not going to talk about beauty treatments. Instead, I am going to share with you another method of staying and looking young – do fun and exciting things that make you happy!

I’ve recently started gymnastics class and can feel myself growing younger after every class! Each class is a rollicking good time set in a giant playground replete with every child’s fantasy – beams, trampoline and lots of big, padded things all designed for one thing – FUN!

All thoughts and worries fly out of my head as soon as class starts as I have to concentrate 110% on the trainer’s instructions as he/she guides us through cartwheels, forward rolls, back flips, trampoline and balancing beam tricks as well as an assortment of super-intensive conditioning exercises.

I had to get over my initial fear of breaking my limbs or twisting my neck, and just go for it, trusting my body and mind to coordinate to achieve its goal.  The feeling I get from pulling off a new gym stunt is nothing short of exhilarating! It’s a natural high – endorphins flood my body, my face glows and my eyes are shining. Now, who needs creme de la mer?

True, expensive creams and aesthetic treatments can help you achieve great skin. But what is great skin if your eyes are dead and you have no zest for life? So, go ahead and sign up for that cooking class, Spanish lesson or martial arts course you’ve been eyeing (next up on my agenda!). The fountain of youth is within you –  you just have to find the key to unlock it!

*BTW, have you seen my top 5 beauty must-haves? Check it out here:

What are your beauty concerns?

2 July 2010

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide

May was an especially stressful month for me as I had to complete both the Aesthetics magazine and my book concurrently, on top of my social media consultancy business. As a result, I was high-strung and bit off the heads of poor aunties who dared stray into my queue. Not something I want to repeat soon.

To ensure that history does not repeat itself, I have started thinking about the topics I’ll want to feature for the January issue of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide. Here are some I’m keen on:

1. Rise of Medical Spas

2. Breasts and buttocks fillers

3. Laser hair removal special

4. Wellness: Detox retreats/gyrotonic exercise

5. Cosmeceutical skincare

6. Reviews: whitening, eyebag treatments – suggestions from friends

What about you? Are there any aesthetic/beauty/wellness topics you want me to cover?