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How To Be Energised All Day!

25 September 2010

With the F1 season upon us and the endless parties this weekend, here are eight tips to ensure that you are the belle of the ball:

1. Eat to power up 

Have a healthy breakfast full of body-beneficial foods – eat a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries or strawberries with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Oatmeal is packed with protein, B vitamins, minerals and fiber. Berries are high in vitamin and fiber content, and is an excellent source of antioxidants that protect our bodies from the stress of daily living

2. Pop a pill or two 

Beat fatigue by taking B vitamins which are important for our energy levels and our ability to handle stress. Consider a fish oil, flaxseed or evening primrose oil supplement for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to boost our body system.  

3. Warm up, charge up 

Wake up your body with some slow and relaxing stretches. Do the cat stretch which is great for releasing tension and stretching the spine. First, get down on all fours, as you inhale, let your entire body relax, looking up, exhale and draw belly button towards your back, arching it and looking down. Focus on really rounding the spine as you draw your belly button towards your back. This helps to bring circulation and energy to the nervous system. Repeat five times.  

4. Refresh in the shower 

Rejuvenate your mood further with a fragrant bath using invigorating scents like camphor, citrus, cinnamon, lemon, peppermint and rosemary.  

5. Eating for energy

Decrease your intake of white flour and sugar, processed foods, red meat and fatty foods as they make you sluggish. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, soy products, cold-water fish like salmon and tuna or lean protein like skinless chicken and turkey. These power foods contain premiere sources of vitamins and valuable minerals like calcium, iron, selenium and zinc – essential for building bones, maintaining nerve function, as well as for fighting cancer, forming blood cells and keeping immune systems robust. Guzzle at least two litres of water throughout the day as it helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, and remove toxins and other wastes.

6. Meditate to recharge

Quiet time can be restorative. Find a secluded corner in the house and give yourself 15 minutes to refresh with simple meditation. Sit comfortably with your back straight, close your eyes and attempt to clear your mind by focusing on your breaths. Inhale and exhale deeply and if your mind wanders just bring your focus back to your breathing.  

7. Get moving 

If meditation is not your thing, head to the gym for some cardio and body boosting workouts. If you have not exercised in a while, start slow with yoga or Pilates classes which rejuvenate dormant muscles. Get lively with some tunes. Research has shown that music can increase energy, so put on your iPod filled with your favourite tunes and move! Add stretching to your daily routine as it increases well-being and fights fatigue.   

8. Look like brand-new 

It’s time to get ready for the F1 parties. Unfortunately, you’re looking more “criminal mugshot” than “dewy beauty”. Not to worry, help is at hand. All you need to look brand-new are a few key products. First, refresh skin with a face mist containing soothing ingredients like chamomile or lavender. For a quick touch up, use a pressed powder with oil-control and highlight eyes or cheeks with shimmery colours to add radiance to tired looking skin. Lastly, keep puckers lustrous and in top form with tinted lip balm. Stimulate your tired mind by burning a few drops of essential oils, while you touch up your make-up. Close your eyes and inhale the zesty fragrance for an energy boost!

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Your Top 10 Acne Questions Answered!

18 September 2010

1. Do I still need to use a moisturizer if I have oily skin?  
An oily skin can still be dehydrated for various reasons. For example, a person with oily skin may have washed his or her face excessively, resulting in dry and dehydrated skin. However, the person may feel more comfortable with a light moisturizer which also shouldn’t block up the oil glands. 
2. What kind of skin care & cosmetics can an acne sufferer use?  
An acne sufferer should use light and non-comedogenic skin care and cosmetics. 
3. I wash my face several times a day, why do I still get acne?  
The formation of acne is not due to dirty skin. It is due to a combination of factors: blockage of oil gland, accumulation of oil gland secretion, excessive bacterial growth within the oil gland and inflammation of the oil gland. Washing of face will help to remove dirt, dust and oil from the skin but does not alter other factors that are important in formation of acne.

4. Does stress cause acne?  
Yes, stress may aggravate and precipitate acne. 
5. Does diet play a part in causing acne?  
Scientifically it is not known that diet causes acne, However, if one repeatedly experiences a flare up of acne after consuming certain food, then it may be a good idea to avoid the food. 
6. I have an unsmooth forehead because of several tiny bumps and I am told that they are milia. These milia are also present under my eyes. Is there a way to remove them or can I apply a cream to remove them?  
Skin bumps on the forehead and around the eyes could be due to several possibilities, such as milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, seborrhoeic keratoses, syringomas and others. These skin growth usually do not respond to creams treatment and minor skin procedures, such as laser treatment may be more appropriate. You should consult a dermatologist for advice on such treatments.  
7. My face is always red and irritated and only the eye area feels alright. Do I suffer from eczema? How can I prevent and cure it?  
You probably have sensitive skin that is prone to redness and irritation. Mild skincare products, such as those that are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic may be more appropriate as skin care for you. Please consult a dermatologist for assessment of the skin sensitivity. In addition to eczema, it is also possible that the blood vessels on the face are more reactive and tend to flush easily under warm and hot environment. If this is so, good sun protection and avoidance of factors that may induce flushing, such as avoiding hot and spicy food and warm environment may help.
8. How can I remove acne scars other than having a laser treatment done?  
For acne marks such as brownish pigmentation and redness, intense pulse light may be useful. For the more depressed scars, chemical peeling, surgical scars revision may also help. 
9. The red patches/ ‘wounds’ caused by picking on pimples/ bumps on the face do not heal and remain red and irritated. What can I do to reduce the redness and let it heal?  
It is important to make sure that the pimples are well treated so as not to create fresh wounds. There are some anti-redness creams which may help and in some instances, intense pulse light therapy will help to reduce the redness as well. 
10. I have blemishes caused by acne and pimple scarring,what are the ways to clear away the blemishes on my skin?  
The treatment options will depend on the types and nature of acne scars. They can range from injection of medication into the protruding scars, creams to lighten the marks, surgery to revise the scars and lasers to smoothen the scars. It will be better for you to consult a doctor for that.