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Reviva Labs Review

29 November 2010

Spent a luxurious Sunday pampering myself with Reviva Labs facial products. Here’s what I tried:

1. Collagen Fibre Eye-Pad Kit (US$38)


First I applied the Skin Energizing  Gel (which comes with the product) under my eyes then pasted the collagen eye pads on top of it. Using water, I dabbed at the eye pads till they were transparent and adhered to my eye area. The eye pads molded easily and felt comfortable. After 15 to 20 minutes, I peeled them off.


My fine lines look minimised and my undereye area looked tighter. Weekly usage will enhance the Botox-like effects and result in smoother, firmer undereye area, reduce wrinkles, puffiness as well as dark circles.

2. Light Skin Peel (US$20)


I applied this thick paste, which smelt like fruity clay, all over my face. There was a slight tingling sensation and I left it on for 5 minutes or until it dried completely, then gently rubbed it off. 


My favourite so far! My complexion was radiant and had a slight pinkish flush after the treatment. It would be great if the acid peel came with a brush or spatula to make application more hygenic.

3. Collagen Fibre Skin Brightener Pads (US$13)


An interesting product and treatment where you cut the collagen pads according to the area you want to treat, dab water to make it adhere and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. According to Reviva Labs, this product contains Alpha-Arbutin, and a study on Chinese women has shown that this ingredient has the most skin lightening effect after one month, compared to other products tested.


The area where I pasted the pads looked slightly clearer, however my pigmentation still looks the same. For progressive lightening, I have to use this two to three times a week.

For more information, check out:

Reviva Labs Skin Care

19 November 2010

I received a lovely package from Reviva Labs this week.  Hailing from the US, Reviva touts itself as the “health food store” brand used in over 1200 professional skin care salons. Started by Stephen Strassler, one of America’s pioneer aesthetic doctors, its focus on using natural ingredients led to Reviva being sold in health food stores, hence its tagline.

Here’s what I got:

From left to right:

Collagen Fibre Skin Brightener Pads – This product uses the vitalising properties of freeze-dried native collagen, which is more effective than collagen that has been processed via heat and solvents in other kinds of creams. Native collagen fibre is a hydrating, healing treatment, in addition, Alpha-Arbutin, licorice, grapeseed extract and citric acid have been added to brighten and lighten age spots and create a more uniform skin tone. Results are purported to be seen after each 15 to 20 minute treatment.

Makeup Primer – To be used over moisturiser or directly on clean skin under make-up, this fragrance-free and non-comedogenic product smoothens lines, conceals pores and controls excess oil. When I told Reviva Labs that I don’t use make-up, they told me that I can use it as a moisturiser alone.

Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit – Infused with Myoxinal, which is an extract from the hibiscus flower known to relax facial muscles for a Botox-effect, this eye treatment helps to diminish wrinkles, reduce puffiness and decrease dark eye circles.

Skin Energizing Gel – To be used together with the Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit or on its own, this product contains “electrically charged” trace minerals ions from Hawaii’s ocean which serve as skin activators to stimulate skin cell energy.  It is used primarily to break down skin resistance which is common when skin ages and loses minerals. Apply this before using your regular skin creams and see how your skin absorbs the creams more effectively!

Light Skin Peel – This is not a strong chemical peel used by aestheticians, instead it is more of a gentle exfoliating product to remove dead skin cells.  It also stimulates the new skin cells to move upward at a faster rate so that skin surface can look tighter, clearer and healthier.

While I can’t wait to test out all these new goodies, my skin is currently having a bad reaction to something so I am taking a breather and staving off piling anymore new products on my face.

However, I couldn’t resist testing out the Skin Energizing Gel which controlled my sebum control when I applied it at night under my moisturiser, as well as the Makeup Primer which made my skin feel really matte and velvety.  Very promising indeed.

More reviews will be coming up soon, so stay tuned!

FacesBySarah Party

13 November 2010
Hostest with the mostest!

I have just come back from an interesting party.  It was a party to celebrate a Facebook Fanpage hitting 6000 fans, and no, it was not a company, but the Fanpage of a make-up artist – Sarah Chaudhry. This is a major feat considering some big make-up companies (I shall not name names) don’t even have those numbers despite advertising everywhere. Sarah’s Fanpage called FacesbySarah not only has the impressive numbers, her fans are also one of the most supportive and responsive ones that I’ve come across. All Sarah has to do is post a question and she is guaranteed at least 30 comments.

I first met Sarah a year back when she was still working full-time. Back then, she was already a popular YouTube “Guru” who creates make-up tutorials that are watched by thousands. I enjoy having her at blogger events that I organise because I know that I will get a well-thought out review by her which will be read by her ardent followers. I also suspect that Sarah has photographic memory because I never ever see her taking notes but when I read her reviews later, she has all the facts down pat.

I’m so happy that in the short span of one year, she has amassed enough clients with her hard work that she can leave her job and focus on her make-up passion full-time. I wish her all the best and can’t wait to see what this ingenious make-up artist has in store for us!

Some of her amazing artistry (photos taken from FacesBySarah Fanpage):

I’ll leave you with some fun photos from her Arabic-themed party which had fans clamouring for invites, a hilarious host as well as an entertaining belly dance:

Themed cake handmade by mummy dearest!
Fellow bloggers

Cute Clara!

Flanked by friends & supporters

Emcee with the killer moves

Detoxing For Beauty

6 November 2010

Chronic fatigue, stress and allergies, these are all the by-products of a hectic city life.  In recent years, medical experts have begun to understand the seemingly intangible relationship between physical, mental and emotional health. “Good health is more than a disease-free body. Good health is a stress-free frame of mind and vibrant energy,” says Dr Richard Anderson, creator of the Arise & Shine fasting programme and supplements at Atsumi Healing Center – a fasting and detoxing retreat in Phuket.

Dr Anderson’s program aims to elevate practitioners towards greater health, vitality and energy. It is much more than a colon cleanse. It is a complete intestinal cleanse and you will clean your entire alimentary canal from your tongue to your stomach and all the way down to your colon. In addition, however, as you begin to cleanse your digestive system (the hub of your body that every cell and organ depends upon) other parts of your body will respond as well. With this programme, you will not only rid yourself of toxic waste, you will also release disease-causing toxic emotions. In a very real sense, it’s as if the emotions are stored with the toxic waste and as one is purged so is the other. A total sense of well-being can be created from having a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Fasting is nature’s way of curing disease and one of the quickest ways of encouraging the body to rid itself of toxins,restore health and prolong life and vitality. Fasting allows the body to stop processing all the junk that’s put in it, to stop using energy to run the digestive and eliminatory systems, allowing an excess of natural energy that can then be devoted to cleansing, purifying and repairing all of the bodily systems. Through detoxification, the body’s amazing power to heal itself will be revealed, leaving you in tune with your own physical state, and reaching ever towards the pure perfection of health that we were all born with, and to which Mother Nature constantly guides us. Yoga, exercise and massage speed up this process by stimulating the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.

My sister and I are heading there in February next year to escape the Chinese New Year chaos and noise. Four days of no coffee…oh no.

For more information onAtsumi Healing Retreat, check out its video here:

Atsumi Healing Center – Phuket, Thailand