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Relaunch of Dr Georgia Lee’s skincare – DrGL

28 January 2011

Dr Georgia Lee thanking everyone for showing up

When Dr Georgia Lee throws a party, the whole world shows up. And this was the case today at Escentials. Despite the downpour, head honchos of local media graced the soiree of the relaunch of her skincare line – now called DrGL. Of course, it also helps that your BFF is expert party organiser, Dr Frank Cintamani, who organised the Audi  Fashion Show last year.

Montage of new DrGL logo

DrGL skincare range

With a slick new packaging and branding done by award-winning creative director, Theseus Chan, with visuals shot by renowned photographer, John Clang, DrGL looks ready to take the local (and regional) beauty market by storm. Her products boost quality ingredients like gingko and perform multi-tasking roles – for example, her blusher has anti-blemish  and anti-pigmentation properties.  She also has a new Eye Repair cream which comes in handy capsules that can be resealed after use.

DrGL Eye Repair

Personally, I’m a big fan of her Collagen Essence which I use diligently twice a day and attribute my glowing skin to. In fact, when I told Dr Lee about it, she said that she’ll supply me enough to use on my body too! *Happy dance*

DrGL Collagen Essence

Not one to stinge on quality, the doorgift came in a gorgeous packaging and inside…another bottle of my favourite Collagen Essence! YAY!

DrGL is available at Escentials, 4th floor, Paragon. Here are more photos from DrGL’s event:

Live model in display at DrGL launch

Make-up collection of DrGL


Yoga = Fit Body = Active Mind = Anti-aging

21 January 2011

Yoga has become my new boyfriend. I’m constantly thinking and talking about it, I buy nice outfits to wear for it and downward dog is my favourite position. If I had a choice, I’d do yoga everyday as it has so many facets that I’d never tire of it – there’s yin yoga if I want a relaxing stretch, pranamed for some solace and vinyasa if I want to get my heart racing. My favourite is hatha and I always get butterflies in my tummy when I go on my Saturday date with hatha 3.

Very few people retain their strength and vitality till the middle age. More people are looking much older than they actually are, thanks to the highly-stressed, sedentary and polluted lifestyles we lead.  However, you would be happy to know that our body has the unique ability to renew or regenerate at the cellular level. One way to do that is to practise yoga. Here’s how yoga can help you reclaim your vitality:

Yoga Keeps the Spine Young: According to Indian philosophy and Indian sages, age is measured not by the number of candles on your birthday cake, but by the flexibility of your spine.  Yoga works to improve the elasticity of the spine through its thousands of postures or asanas. These myriad postures, done in conjunction with deep and rhythmic breathing, work the spine and muscles of the body through a dual action of push and pull.

Yoga Makes Skin More Youthful: A German study of a group of women showed that yoga can reduce stress, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing over the lines in the forehead. Yoga may work its magic by reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is linked to a host of aging conditions and illnesses from wrinkles to heart disease to Alzheimer’s. Apparently, by practicing inverted yoga postures, you can turn back gray hair to its natural color (upside down class here I come!).

Yoga Eases Aches and Pains: As we get older, our joints and muscles lose their elasticity. Yoga helps to restore the dryness and tightness that is associated with debilitating conditions like arthritis and back pain by its ability to stretch and improve the circulation and mobility of these restricted regions.  Any cardiovascular exercise promotes optimal levels of oxygen, but this dual action that yoga demands forces oxygen into tight areas of the body thereby improving oxygenation throughout the entire body.

Yoga Keeps You Happy: Chronic pain, constant stress or loneliness is strongly correlated with depression and decreased energy. As people with a chronic ailment adopt a consistent yoga practice, not only do their physical symptoms start to improve, but their mood does as well. The better we feel, the better we look as our outer appearance starts to reflect the vitality we feel inside.

Yoga Keeps Your Mind Agile: Research is revealing that keeping your mind active is just as important to reducing the effects of aging as eating a healthy diet.  Since many of the asanas in yoga require concentration as we not only focus on the movements themselves, but also how the breath corresponds to each movement, our minds are continually being challenged (try doing a standing mermaid and you’ll know what I’m talking about!). These subtle but powerful brain exercises are like feeding our minds heaping bowls of Superfoods, keeping them young, alert, healthy and alive.


Dr Georgia Lee’s new medical spa – DrSpa

14 January 2011

You can't miss DrSpa, located below TLC, Dr Lee's clinic

A medical spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of a medical doctor. Medical spa menus vary, but you can usually get medical spa treatments like laser treatments, laser hair removal, IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments, microdermabrasion, photofacials, injectables like Botox and fillers, chemical peels and skin tightening. Most medical spas also tend to have a more clinical atmosphere than day spas even though they offer relaxing services like massages and body treatments. Medical spas are ideal for people who would like a more holistic experience. Unlike aesthetic clinics where you zip in and out after your treatment, customers at medical spas can choose to top up their laser treatments with a massage and enjoy the relaxing amenities of the spa. This new hybrid blends the best of both worlds – a relaxing spa experience with the procedures and expertise found at a doctor’s office.

Love the Lego-like effect of the logo

It was only a matter of time before this celebrity doctor opened a spa to cater to her burgeoning patients, some of whom don’t have the patience to wait three months to see her (yes, she has a waitlist!). Now, they can enjoy her treatments in the comfort of her new spa – DrSpa.

Facial room at DrSpa

“I envisioned what I wanted in a spa and created treatments and services based on that, ” said Dr Lee. “For example, I don’t have the patience to lie down for more than one hour, and when I do a facial, I would also like extra treatments like a massage to lift my face. That’s why I have incorporated my facials with machine work whether it is to slim down or firm up. It is really a place for the time-pressed modern woman,” she explains.

Dr Georgia Lee showing the hair treatment room

One of the highlights at the stylish-looking spa is the hair treatment, where she has bought a special chair from Japan which allows the client to lie comfortably the entire time. The treatment uses patented technologies which Dr Lee has spent time researching, combined with growth factors to strengthen hair roots. A stickler for top-notch service, she has even concocted special teas that help slim the body, glossify hair and add a glow to your complexion. These teas will be customised and served complimentary to all clients before their treatment.

Treatment teas at DrSpa

Treatments at DrSpa don’t come cheap - with facials starting at $250 and a full body 90-minute massage going for $500. However, with extras thrown in like complimentary valet service, organic essential oils and even desserts made from bird’s nest, in the works. This is an indulgent experience that every woman should treat themselves to!

Goodie bag (or box)!

BRB – Bvlgari Resort Bali

7 January 2011

One of the ways I keep my heart (and my face, hopefully) young is to go on frequent getaways. And, if respite is what I’m after, the Bvlgari Resort Bali resort is the perfect antidote…and more!

Perched high on a cliff overlooking the Indian ocean, this resort is stunning with its sleek and modern interiors made of volcanic rocks and timber. Consisting of only 59 exclusive villas (from US$800 per night) – including the ultimate Bvlgari villa (US$6700 per night) which apparently has a pool bigger that the resort’s own pool, each villa is assigned a personal butler to cater to guests’ whims 24 hours a day. These freestanding villas with terraces and private plunge pools are sumptuous inside and out, with ocean views, open-air living areas and Bang and Olufsen audio and visual systems. Service is impeccable and unobtrusive. We were acknowledged by our names the whole time and no request is denied – including a desperate call back to the resort when I could not find a restaurant in Seminyak. Another case in point: when I called for breakfast for myself because my partner, Kevin, was not hungry, my butler asked me after I placed my order, “Mr Kevin is not eating?”. How’s that for personal service? Not to mention the plates of desserts that magically appear every night…

The  Bvlgari Resort Bali pulls out all stops to ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience – from Bvlgari toiletries to helicopter rides to a traditional Balinese Hindu temple located at the highest point of the resort. One of the must-dos is to catch the sunset at the property’s bar adjacent to a horizon pool with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The resort also has two restaurant choices, the sophisticated/casual Sangkar featuring Asian, Indonesian and International cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, helmed by an award-winning chef, and the more formal Il Ristorante, a dinner spot serving cutting-edge Italian cuisine.
There are no shortage of things to do – you can choose to soak up treatments at the spa or take an adventuresome ride in the inclined elevator to their private beach 200 metres down, where butlers will ensure that you enjoy your own private little idaho. I was happy staring at the vast expanse of sea and sky every day, bonding with my gecko and monkey friends and just treating my eyes to the lush and beautiful scenery every where I looked. Who says you have to die to go to heaven?

Hello 2011!

1 January 2011

I ushered in the new year on a friend’s boat sailing across Marina Bay, I’d like to think that this means I’ll have my head above water in 2011 no matter what happens! The day started off early in the afternoon and with more than nine hours to midnight, I had plenty of time to do some reflection (ok, I’ll stop with the water references!) on my life.

Blessed is the first word that jumps into my head when I did that. In my life, I have gotten most of what I wanted, and if I didn’t, those things were not important after a while. I won’t bore you with my super-long gratitude list, however, I must say that I am most thankful for my wonderful health, strong network of friends and family, fulfilling work that allows me time to indulge in my other past-times (yoga, etc) and being financially able to buy whatever I want and travel at whim. What more can a person ask for, really?

This past year has been amazing - workwise, I feel like I’ve really grown and expanded my repertoire, my fitness level is at its peak and I visited four countries. I always count my blessings mind you, but yesterday was somewhat more poignant as it was the cusp of a new year. 

Being quiet and listening to the people around me (which is what I like to do usually), our chatter centred around trying new experiences, wanting to travel more (or less!), starting a new fitness regime, how our pets did at doggy school, amongst other fun but mundane subjects. Not once did we talk about the scarcity of food, life-threatening diseases, recession, natural calamities or violent crimes – issues that are very pertinent around the world, even for our close neighbours. We are all indeed blessed! Appreciate your life as it is, because it will always be as it is – good or bad, it’s all in your perception.

In case you’re wondering what this article has to do with anti-aging? It doesn’t but you still read it right? Haha. Happy new year everyone!