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DrGL Collagen Essence

24 February 2011


Isn’t this a thing of beauty? This emerald bottle, or more accurately, the contents within, has been the secret to my glowing skin lately. Ever since I started using DrGL’s collagen essence diligently twice a day, I have been receiving compliments about my “good skin”.

The name, Collagen Essence, is a misnomer actually, as this product contains Hyaluronic Acid, which occurs naturally in the deeper layers of our skin. Hyaluronic Acid is used in this formula for its perfect affinity with skin and for its amazing ability to hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water.

Here’s Dr Georgia Lee, creator of this “miracle water”, telling us more about it:

1. Why did you create the Collagen Essence?

Dr GL: I love the hydrating effect of Hyaluronic Acid when it is used as a filler for my patients and so decided to create a pure Hyaluronic Acid essence which is micronised so that absorption is assured and the product is locked in where it works best.

2. What are the ingredients in the essence?

Dr GL:  Hyaluronic acid

3. Who is it suitable for?

Dr GL: It is suitable for all skin types from oily and acne-prone skin to mature skin although in harsher dry weathers, a second layer of richer moisturiser may be needed.

4. What are some of the results after using the essence?

Dr GL:  The skin is immediately plumped up after a few days of continual usage. It glows  and is  firm from the hydrated skin cells. (absolutely true!)

5.. How much is it retailing for?

DrGL:  S$198 at Escentials, 3rd floor, Paragon

How Young Is Your Skin?

18 February 2011

Ever since I hit my 30s, I’ve been kinda obsessed with my skin. Which is why I started so that I can review all the anti-aging treatments out there for other skin-obsessed people.

When it comes to determining your complexion’s age, your ID  tells only part of the story. Lifestyle habits — diet, sleep schedule and sun exposure — complicate the results. And if that’s not confusing enough, choosing the best way to turn back the clock on your skin’s appearance can be so baffling, that you’ll probably end up confused not glowing.

Many factors can affect your skin health. Factors such as:

1. Lifestyle habits – if you smoke and think sunscreen is only for triathletes, you’re in skin trouble!  

2.  Whether you do outdoor sports  or exercise in general – the heart-thumping, sweaty sort; walking around the office does not count as exercise

3. Diet – eating lots of leafy greens, citrus fruit, red tomatoes and salmon will put you in good stead

4. Family genes – if your mum constantly gets mistaken as your sister, you’re in good hands

5. Mental health – if stress is your best friend, you’ll probably look like your grandma in no time

6. Skincare – finding the right skincare is like finding your soulmate

Here’s how to look even younger and keep that glow going strong!

Your skin is plump and regenerates regularly, bringing healthy cells to the surface,. Whether you’ve always avoided the sun (smart move) or past sun sins haven’t reared their wrinkly head yet, make “I heart SPF” your mantra. Gentle anti-agers like a good moisturiser at night, will keep skin so healthy that you will continue to be asked for your ID at clubs.

OK, you don’t get carded anymore, but no one’s calling you “aunty” either. Smile lines are shallow, freckles may be getting darker or your skin simply isn’t as smooth or dewy as it once was. Coax your complexion into looking and behaving more like it did a decade ago with potent over-the-counter products. There’s still time to prevent deeper wrinkles and sun spots.  

Here,  Mom and Dad genes play a crucial role in how skin ages.  Here’s the bad first: your skin has definitely aged. The good news: Woes such as dullness, fine lines and brown splotches are reversible. Tried-and-true topicals and glow-restoring peels can minimise wrinkles and discoloration in several weeks. If you smoke, extinguish your habit for faster results.

Skin never forgets, and it’s reminding you of every freakin’ ray of sun that found your SPF-less cheeks over the years, but here’s the silver lining: Breakthrough treatments such as lasers refresh rough skin, erase sun spots and iron out wrinkles in a flash, shaving off years and making those sun-drenched memories even more distant.

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide – out now!

11 February 2011

Get your copy now before it’s sold out (yes that’s what happened for the last issue!). What you’ll find inside:

Aesthetics 101

-       Top 10 Aesthetic Treatments & Plastic Surgeries

-       Aesthetic Tips: How to find a suitable doctor

Imperfections Special

-       Whatever your problem or budget, there’s a treatment here for you.

Laser Genesis - A non-ablative solution for younger-looking, glowing skin.

Fraxel Dual - Get rid of pigmentation faster with this new laser.

Revlite – Treat melasma and other pigmentation with this gentle laser.

Matrix IR – Smooth away wrinkles without downtime with the revolutionary elōs fractional technology.

Ask The Dermatologist

-       Dr Ang Chee Beng talks about laser treatments and how they can help improve skin.

Breast Fillers - Get shapelier breasts without surgery.

LPG - Knead and roll your way to a slimmer body.

Indiba - This treatment uses heat to burn off fats.


-       Beauty Chat: With entrepreneur Merry Riana

-       Tried & Tested!  YouTube Guru Sarah Chaudhry and her top five beauty picks.

-       Ask The Beauty Expert: We get beauty and health tips from Lily Kew, founder of Glow Spa.

-       Acne Away! Top 8 grooming tips for men.

-       Ask The Beauty Queen: All your fashion and beauty woes answered.

Anti Aging Special

-       All About Fillers with Dr David Loh

-       New Face Lift: Sculptra: Find out about a new collagen treatment that will help put back what time has taken out.

Lifestyle and Wellness

 Hydrafacial – A cutting-edge technology in non-laser skin resurfacing for clearer  and more beautiful skin.

Cool Sculpt – Latest non-invasive procedure to selectively reduce fat in problem areas using a patented cooling technology.

PPx Pro  - Photopneumatic Profusion (PPx Pro TM) is five times safer, faster and more effective in treating acne, eradicating pigmentation and removing unwanted hair.


-       Power Plate Workout: Shape up faster and more efficiently with this workout of the stars!

Ask The Plastic Surgeon

-       Find out how you can reverse signs of aging with facial rejuvenation by Dr Marco Faria Correa

5 Minutes With…

-       Dr Joyce Lim: This skincare doyenne talks about pigmentation and her solutions to skin imperfections.

Ask The Dentist

-       Dr Edward Liew from St Andrews Dental Surgeons clues us in on how to have a perfect smile.

Ask The Lasik Surgeon

-       Q&A with Dr Steve Seah from Optimax Lasik Centre

Industry Happenings

-       A sneak preview into the latest products and machines for all your beauty concerns.

What’s In The News: Cosmeceutical Skincare, Latisse, UltraShape 3, Vaginal Resurfacing


Want to know how you look with plastic surgery?

4 February 2011

Now you can!

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