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Aesthetics & Beauty Guide July – Beauty Queens Special!

25 June 2011

I’ve been busy wrapping up July’s edition of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide – and I am thrilled! Not because I am looking more rejuvenated thanks to all the latest treatments I’ve been trying for work, but because we are doing a beauty queens special and shooting our cover for the first time with 2 beauty queens (did I just mention beauty queens 3 times in a row? – that’s how excited I am!).

For this issue, we got beauty queens to spill the beans on what they do to look good and feel great, and while good genes play a part, you’ll be relieved to know that hard work, grooming and using the right products are integral too. Read and learn from these beauty experts!

You will be happy to know that the latest trend now is all about treatments with little or no downtime. With technology advancing at a rapid speed, more super machines are being developed that promises to erase all your problems with no interruption to your hectic social life. Who can afford to stay home for a week these days to recuperate from treatments? We want to zip into the clinic and out to our limousine ready to be whisked to our next soiree!

ABG is still first and foremost an educational guide to the complicated world of laser machines and aesthetic treatments, and with this issue, readers can once again look forward to our in-depth treatment reviews and further explanations of even more industry jargon. Look out for Aesthetics & Beauty Guide when it hits news stands in July!

Essential Oils For Anti Aging

17 June 2011

A few weeks ago, I attended a Power Of Scent essential oils workshop by Spa Esprit. I’ve always been a proponent of natural therapies – you’ll never see me at the doctor and once I had to be practically dragged to the pharmacy by my mum to get medicine for my food poisoning. I’ve always believed that my body has the power to heal itself and it has proven me right many times. So, I was more than eager to find our how essential oils can not only enhance my beauty products but also help me with ailments.

The workshop was interesting to say the least, with the trainer of doTERRA essential oils giving us an in-depth overview, highlighting the difference between mainstream ones and her pure versions. They definitely do smell different – doTERRA oils have a very rounded scent and with an inhale, seems to envelop my entire olfactory system. In fact, they are so pure that the trainer even ingests some of them for health reasons.

How essential oils work:

Applied to the skin – Our skin is somewhat permeable. The active chemicals in essential oils are absorbed just like the ingredients in common pharmaceuticals such as hormone replacement therapy cream and nicotine patches.

Inhaled – The olfactory system includes all physical organs or cells relating to, or contributing to, the sense of smell. When we inhale through the nose, airborne molecules interact with the olfactory organs and, almost immediately, the brain. Molecules inhaled through the nose or mouth are also carried to the lungs and interact with the respiratory system.

Ahhh…now I get it.

It can also be used for anti-aging properties (my pet topic!):

Hair loss - Dilute 5 to 20 drops of Thyme, Rosemary or Lavender into a carrier oil and massage onto scalp every night.

Impotence – Diffuse Ylang ylang, Clary Sage or Sandalwood into the air and inhale or apply topically to temples, wrist and back of the necks.

Stretch marks – apply Cypress, Gyranium or Lavender topically several times a day.

Cellulite – massage Rosemary, Grapefruit or Lemon vigorously on areas before exercising or add to water and drink throughout the day.

Awesome! The hypochondriac in me bought a blend called OnGuard ($67) to boost my immune system and I’ve been diligently applying two drops on my pillow, my husband’s pillow and my puppy every night. At the rate my work is going, looks like I might be heading back soon to get a bottle of Serenity very soon…

Latest Aesthetic Machines Causing A Buzz…

9 June 2011

It’s been a busy week for the aesthetics industry with two launches this week.

The first launch on Tuesday was at ION Sky for new laser machine, Clear & Brilliant Laser.  Created by Solta, their new shiny baby attempts to straddle the gap between spa treatments and ablative lasers like the Fraxel (also created by Solta), for people who want all the benefits of a stronger laser without the downtime. It is designed to attract younger patients looking to take control of their ageing process. These consumers would like a more efficacious treatment than their current regimens, but as of yet they do not need the full transformative benefits of a more aggressive laser skin resurfacing procedure. Being one of the first few lucky recipients to try this treatment, I am happy to report that I am now the owner of a refreshed mien with more even skin tone and glow :)

The second launch was a more intimate affair for UltraShape version 3, hosted by Dr David Loh at Japanese restaurant, Sun With Moon, today. Over a casual lunch, the amicable doctor enlightened us on how his new body sculpting machine uses focused ultrasound to break up stubborn fat desposits accurately, effectively, safely and most importantly, non-invasively. Patients usually report a fat loss of five centimetres after the first treatment. According to Dr Loh, who has years of experience sculpting bodies with liposuction techniques like Vaser, this 3rd generation UltraShape works particularly well on men’s bellies.

To prove his point, we proceeded to his new clinic at Liat Towers, dedicated to UltraShape treatments, to witness the live demo of his treatment on a lucky male attendee of the event. After the 15-minute quickie session, the recipient’s tummy did indeed look flatter!

The Men Get It Too…

3 June 2011

Men rejoice! Dr Georgia Lee is launching a Men’s Range for her eponymous and highly successful skincare line, DrGL. Stay tuned here for updates…