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Dinner date with Dr Woffles Wu

dr woffles wu

Dr Woffles Wu & me

It’s not every day that you get an invitation to have a private tete-a-tete with Singapore’s most famous doctor, so when fellow blogger, Shirleen, asked if I wanted to have dinner with Dr Woffles Wu at his home, I jumped at the opportunity.

As usual, I was super early and arrived at his modest but very cosy home, catching Dr Wu under the table, trying to work the steamboat pot. All my nervousness about meeting this famous plastic surgeon disappeared when I saw that he was  just a regular guy, trying to make sense of electronic appliances. As I am not exactly electronic-savvy, I wandered to his garden to admire his plants, cockatoo and two cats. Dr Wu actually lives in a separate bungalow at the back of his garden with his wife and two kids – a boy aged 10 and a girl, six. His mum, aunt and two maids live in the house in front which is also a communal gathering place for dinners and family bonding sessions.

dinner with dr woffles wu

Check out all that food!

As the other bloggers arrived, we were led to a huge feast of chicken rice, braised pork, vegetables and steamboat, as well as bottles of wine and champagne. After the usual photo-taking (what do you expect, we are bloggers after all!), everyone sat down and tucked in.

dr woffles wu &  bloggers

Dr Woffles Wu & bloggers

It’s easy to see why Dr Wu is such a media darling as he is an amicable and very humourous man who entertained us for five hours in a wide range of topics ranging from aesthetic treatments (“It’s aesthetic not aesthetics, just like I’m a plastic surgeon, not a plastics surgeon!” says the good doctor) to transgender procedures and iPhone apps. He answered all our questions eloquently, with his slight British accent, which kinda reminded me of the way MM Lee speaks. I learnt alot during our session, fascinated in particular with The Golden Ratio theory (go Google it!) and his take on the various aesthetic procedures available.

Dr Wu calls himself “old-fashioned” when it comes to advertising, preferring to let his work speak for himself. However, he is, in no way, unsavvy at marketing himself. This dinner is proof – even though it was a casual setting with no agenda, everyone got to know him on a deeper level – as a world-renowned doctor who jets around the world giving lectures, a caring son, husband and father, and a great dinner conversationalist. Guess who I’ll go to when I need any *ahem* maintenance? Dr Woffles Wu, of course!

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7 Comments to “Dinner date with Dr Woffles Wu”

  1. I remember meeting him with “Vogue”. He’s been around forever and yes, does very good work. Maybe someday, I will need his help. I am going to Thailand to do my Veneers, in the next few months. Hope you’re well BBF, I miss you very much, If you have time, come visit me in HK.

  2. miss u 2 bff! was supposed to go HK for work but that was canned. leaving for ibiza & barcelona end of the month. when are u back?

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  5. nice post. thanks.

  6. Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

  7. A+ would read again

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