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Exciting New Anti Aging Treatment

The laser bra breast lift is an exciting new alternative to traditional breast lifts. It provides a longer-lasting solution for patients with sagging breasts. A laser breast lift uses the same laser technology that doctors have used for years in facial plastic surgery. During a traditional breast lift surgery, the skin removed during the procedure is discarded. By contrast, the new laser bra breast lift makes use of that excess skin to add support to the underside of the breast. Most women of all breast sizes are candidates for this breast lift technique.


During breast lift surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia, your surgeon will remove the skin and use a CO 2 laser to de-epithelialize it in a process similar to facial laser skin tightening. The laser strengthens and tightens the skin in the same method that facial cosmetic lasers remove wrinkles. The surgeon will then position the tissue beneath the breast and attach it to the chest wall in order to provide a long-lasting structural support beneath the breast. Because the laser bra procedure utilises the patient’s own tissue, the laser bra recovery time is similar in length to traditional breast lift surgery recovery.

I came across this new procedure while doing research for my upcoming ABG magazine for July and it sounds like the next big thing! Wonder if any doctor in Singapore is doing this yet…

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