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Great bargains not to be missed!

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

I got a few of my blogger friends some aesthetic treats in the last two weeks. They reviewed a range of aesthetic skin treatments from HealthTrends and HealthTrends was kind enough to offer crazy discounts for readers of their blogs.

What they tried:

1. Acne Scar reduction by Mosaic eCO2 fractional laser. This is great for reducing acne scars and costs $1200 per treatment.
2. Skin Rejuvenation and removal of pigmentation by USA Medlite C6 Laser. Self-explanatory and costs $320 per session.
3. Rejuvenating Peel by TCA. This costs $280 per treatment and is great for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

Being the nice person that I am (ahem!), I thought I’d point you in the right directions so that you can get to try these skin treatments at a great discount too. Personally, I’ve tried the CO2 fractional laser and it was very effective in rejuvenating skin but it is a strong laser so expect some downtime. Here’s my review:


Below are the links to the blogger reviews and follow the instructions to redeem your discount. Christmas just came early, enjoy and don’t forget to thank me for your great skin :)

Tiphanie: http://sassyd0ll.livejournal.com/174001.html

X-wen: http://www.fash-eccentric.com/2010/07/review-skin-rejuvenation-and-removal-of-pigmentation-by-usa-medlite-c6-laser-at-healthtrends-wellness-clinic/

Sara: http://icyabstract.onsugar.com/Part-1-Aesthetic-Beauty-Treatment-HealthTrends-Wellness-Clinic-9199538

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