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New Anti Aging Clinic Opening

9 April 2010

Dr Karen Soh of Prive Clinic

In need of a youth boost? Hold back the sneaky hands of Father Time at Privé Clinic, a one-stop age management centre to help individuals attain true beauty inside and out. Helmed by medical director, Dr Karen Soh, Privé offers a holistic concept that helps create a younger you with a range of targeted aesthetic and therapeutic treatments, and preventive health care services backed by medical science including oxidative stress tests and stress hormones evaluation.

Experience it firsthand at Privé Clinic’s launch on 13 April. Attendees of the launch will have an up-close and personal session with Dr Karen Soh to find out all they need to know about age management as well as enjoy a mini hand massage combined with laser therapy. Privé Clinic is  located at 1 Raffles Place, #05-04A.

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Win an Ulthera treatment valued at $7000!

20 February 2010
Ulthera - latest anti aging breakthrough!

Ulthera - latest anti aging breakthrough!

Ulthera is a revolution in the field of skin tightening treatments. It is the first ever aesthetic treatment that incorporates ultrasound imaging for the visualisation of tissue beneath the skin’s surface. Guided by the ultrasound scan of the skin’s different layers, doctors can, for the first time ever in the history of aesthetic treatments, deliver focused energy at prescribed depths within the skin. The energy enables a significant lifting of skin tissue while leaving superficial layers completely intact.

The energy triggers a healing response which makes skin more elastic and more radiant. Skin forms new and improved collagen, which gradually tightens and lifts the skin from within. Collagen and elastin fibers are the main supportive structures within the skin against gravitational effects. Forget two weeks downtime, this procedure involves absolutely no recovery time as there is no breakage of skin. 

Ulthera is suitable for everyone – no matter what race and age. With over 1000 patients treated worldwide, Ultherapy (skin-tightening with Ulthera) has been shown to produce significant lifting of lax skin. In the pivotal trial, noticeable improvement occurred in nearly 9 out of 10 patients (89 percent) resulting in less hooding or skin laxity on the upper eyelid and a more open, refreshed appearance overall. Study patients noted lifting, tightening and firming in other areas of the face and neck as well, such as the cheeks and along the jawline. Results developed gradually over a 90-day period following treatment and results can last up to four years!

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