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Latest Aesthetic Machines Causing A Buzz…

9 June 2011

It’s been a busy week for the aesthetics industry with two launches this week.

The first launch on Tuesday was at ION Sky for new laser machine, Clear & Brilliant Laser.  Created by Solta, their new shiny baby attempts to straddle the gap between spa treatments and ablative lasers like the Fraxel (also created by Solta), for people who want all the benefits of a stronger laser without the downtime. It is designed to attract younger patients looking to take control of their ageing process. These consumers would like a more efficacious treatment than their current regimens, but as of yet they do not need the full transformative benefits of a more aggressive laser skin resurfacing procedure. Being one of the first few lucky recipients to try this treatment, I am happy to report that I am now the owner of a refreshed mien with more even skin tone and glow :)

The second launch was a more intimate affair for UltraShape version 3, hosted by Dr David Loh at Japanese restaurant, Sun With Moon, today. Over a casual lunch, the amicable doctor enlightened us on how his new body sculpting machine uses focused ultrasound to break up stubborn fat desposits accurately, effectively, safely and most importantly, non-invasively. Patients usually report a fat loss of five centimetres after the first treatment. According to Dr Loh, who has years of experience sculpting bodies with liposuction techniques like Vaser, this 3rd generation UltraShape works particularly well on men’s bellies.

To prove his point, we proceeded to his new clinic at Liat Towers, dedicated to UltraShape treatments, to witness the live demo of his treatment on a lucky male attendee of the event. After the 15-minute quickie session, the recipient’s tummy did indeed look flatter!

Regular Women Do Aesthetic Treatments

13 August 2010

I often hear from my readers that they think that aesthetic treatments are too expensive or only relegated to tai-tais. That is just a myth as prices are really competitive now (check out this amazing promotion and my review!) and people from all walks of life are discovering the benefits of aesthetic treatments (look out for my interview next Friday in IS magazine!).

Shirleen Ho

Shirleen Ho

One example is Shirleen Ho, a digital traffic manager and beauty blogger at who has been doing aesthetic treatments for the last eight years. Shirleen is also 42 years old! Doesn’t she look much younger? Aesthetic treatments must really be working well for her! Here, she shares her experiences with her aesthetic treatments:

1. When did you start doing aesthetic treatments?

- Eight years ago, in my 30s.

2. What did you do and were you happy with the results?

- I started with microdermabrasion and IPL and were happy with both. This combination treatment made my skin glow.

3. What treatments have you done so far?

- Other than the two above, I have done Titan, Thermage, Fraxel (only eye areas), Pixel, Pigment laser (on cheeks), CO2 laser (only nasolabial fold), Radio Frequency, Botox (on my chin, forehead & brows) and Fillers.

4. Favourite treatment? Least favourite treatment? Why?

- Favourite treatment is probably IPL as I had great results. Least favourite – Pixel laser as I didn’t see any results and Botox on the chin area for face slimming. There was no different before and after the treatment.

5. Advice for women who are thinking of trying aesthetic treatments?

- Do your homework. First, identify what is your skin concern, find out what the various treatments available are, do research on reviews of these treatments then select the ideal doctor to perform the treatment.

Dinner date with Dr Woffles Wu

31 July 2010
dr woffles wu

Dr Woffles Wu & me

It’s not every day that you get an invitation to have a private tete-a-tete with Singapore’s most famous doctor, so when fellow blogger, Shirleen, asked if I wanted to have dinner with Dr Woffles Wu at his home, I jumped at the opportunity.

As usual, I was super early and arrived at his modest but very cosy home, catching Dr Wu under the table, trying to work the steamboat pot. All my nervousness about meeting this famous plastic surgeon disappeared when I saw that he was  just a regular guy, trying to make sense of electronic appliances. As I am not exactly electronic-savvy, I wandered to his garden to admire his plants, cockatoo and two cats. Dr Wu actually lives in a separate bungalow at the back of his garden with his wife and two kids – a boy aged 10 and a girl, six. His mum, aunt and two maids live in the house in front which is also a communal gathering place for dinners and family bonding sessions.

dinner with dr woffles wu

Check out all that food!

As the other bloggers arrived, we were led to a huge feast of chicken rice, braised pork, vegetables and steamboat, as well as bottles of wine and champagne. After the usual photo-taking (what do you expect, we are bloggers after all!), everyone sat down and tucked in.

dr woffles wu &  bloggers

Dr Woffles Wu & bloggers

It’s easy to see why Dr Wu is such a media darling as he is an amicable and very humourous man who entertained us for five hours in a wide range of topics ranging from aesthetic treatments (“It’s aesthetic not aesthetics, just like I’m a plastic surgeon, not a plastics surgeon!” says the good doctor) to transgender procedures and iPhone apps. He answered all our questions eloquently, with his slight British accent, which kinda reminded me of the way MM Lee speaks. I learnt alot during our session, fascinated in particular with The Golden Ratio theory (go Google it!) and his take on the various aesthetic procedures available.

Dr Wu calls himself “old-fashioned” when it comes to advertising, preferring to let his work speak for himself. However, he is, in no way, unsavvy at marketing himself. This dinner is proof – even though it was a casual setting with no agenda, everyone got to know him on a deeper level – as a world-renowned doctor who jets around the world giving lectures, a caring son, husband and father, and a great dinner conversationalist. Guess who I’ll go to when I need any *ahem* maintenance? Dr Woffles Wu, of course!

How to stay young forever

8 July 2010

Today’s post is going to be different as I am not going to talk about beauty treatments. Instead, I am going to share with you another method of staying and looking young – do fun and exciting things that make you happy!

I’ve recently started gymnastics class and can feel myself growing younger after every class! Each class is a rollicking good time set in a giant playground replete with every child’s fantasy – beams, trampoline and lots of big, padded things all designed for one thing – FUN!

All thoughts and worries fly out of my head as soon as class starts as I have to concentrate 110% on the trainer’s instructions as he/she guides us through cartwheels, forward rolls, back flips, trampoline and balancing beam tricks as well as an assortment of super-intensive conditioning exercises.

I had to get over my initial fear of breaking my limbs or twisting my neck, and just go for it, trusting my body and mind to coordinate to achieve its goal.  The feeling I get from pulling off a new gym stunt is nothing short of exhilarating! It’s a natural high – endorphins flood my body, my face glows and my eyes are shining. Now, who needs creme de la mer?

True, expensive creams and aesthetic treatments can help you achieve great skin. But what is great skin if your eyes are dead and you have no zest for life? So, go ahead and sign up for that cooking class, Spanish lesson or martial arts course you’ve been eyeing (next up on my agenda!). The fountain of youth is within you –  you just have to find the key to unlock it!

*BTW, have you seen my top 5 beauty must-haves? Check it out here:

What are your beauty concerns?

2 July 2010

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide

May was an especially stressful month for me as I had to complete both the Aesthetics magazine and my book concurrently, on top of my social media consultancy business. As a result, I was high-strung and bit off the heads of poor aunties who dared stray into my queue. Not something I want to repeat soon.

To ensure that history does not repeat itself, I have started thinking about the topics I’ll want to feature for the January issue of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide. Here are some I’m keen on:

1. Rise of Medical Spas

2. Breasts and buttocks fillers

3. Laser hair removal special

4. Wellness: Detox retreats/gyrotonic exercise

5. Cosmeceutical skincare

6. Reviews: whitening, eyebag treatments – suggestions from friends

What about you? Are there any aesthetic/beauty/wellness topics you want me to cover?

Treat for readers!

15 June 2010

Letters To Juliet

I have a treat for you readers… 

The Aesthetics Clinic is conducting a talk this Friday at 530-730pm at The Aesthetics Clinic, Shaw Centre Penthouse at 27th floor.

Title of talk:  Solutions for Skin Laxity vs Skin Texture – Any Difference?
Free movie passes to the movie “Letters To Juliet” will be given for the same evening at 8pm. Only attendees of the talk will be entitled, one pass for each attendee. Here’s a review of this romantic movie:

 Limited to 10 of readers only. To reserve their place, call 62358770 and say the password “reviewantiaging”.

Have fun!

Upcoming Anti Aging Workshops

30 April 2010

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Don’t know your Mosaic from your Fraxel? Or confused about what laser treatments are suitable for you? Get all your anti aging questions answered here… The Aesthetics Clinic’s , “Solutions for Skin Laxity versus Skin Quality – Any Difference?” Workshop is back by popular demand.

Dates: 29th May Sat 2-4pm, 17th July Sat 2-4pm

Where: The Aesthetics Clinic @ Bukit Batok Civil Service Club
91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, Singapore 659206
Date: 12th June Sat 2-4pm
Where:  The Aesthetic Clinic @Shaw Centre Penthouse 27th Floor
Free admission for all! Call 62358770 to reserve your seat now.

New Aesthetics Magazine Out In July

23 April 2010

Aesthetics Beauty Guide

Say hello to the new contributing editor of Aesthetics Beauty Guide (ABG), a new aesthetics magazine coming out in July. It’s about time someone came out with a magazine like this seeing that the demand for aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery has surged to over $200 million in Singapore alone!

From skin rejuvenation treatments to aesthetic surgery, Singapore has become a veritable hub for these procedures and there is a critical mass of eager customers clamouring for the latest anti aging treatment to enhance their looks. However, the wide array of treatments available, numerous medical professionals and state of the art facilities can be mind-boggling and frankly, a little intimidating for the uninitiated – and this is where we come in.

ABG aims to bridge the information gap between these medical professionals and their treatments. When I first started, my intention was to hunt for the best treatments available and review them so that my readers will know what it entails. I also sought to look for the best aesthetic doctors for my readers to go to. My partnership with ABG has enabled me to bring my vast knowledge off-line to educate even more people!

Just like many of you, I want to stop Father Time in its tracks and do this in the most natural and best way possible. In these 10 months doing “research” for, I’ve tried almost 20 treatments and looking at my skin now, it is definitely at its peak – glowing, radiant and taut. That’s why I am a huge believer in how much aesthetic treatments can help you get better skin or maintain your complexion for many years to come!

Look out for ABG which will hit newstands in July in a sophisticated and trendy print guidebook format. It will be published every six months. In the meantime, check out my anti aging website, for the latest in aesthetic treatments and technology.

Prevention is better than cure…

13 February 2010
Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

This is the latest photo of Donatella Versace. Doesn’t she look scary? Like a living corpse…and she is still sun-tanning!

To avoid looking like her, avoid the sun and if you must, make sure you apply lots of sunblock (I normally do that as well as cover my head with a towel if I’m at the pool).

You’ll need more than sun avoidance to maintain your looks today - what with the amount of chemicals we consume, hectic lifestyles we lead and stronger UV rays thanks to global warming . Being a guinea pig for my anti aging website, I am lucky to be able to try all the latest anti aging aesthetic treatments and here’s my top picks to keep you looking youthful from head to toe:

For radiant and poreless skin:

Erbium Laser Treatment

If money was no object:

Ulthera Face Lifting Treatment

Having whiter teeth will make you look younger and more attractive:

BriteSmile Teeth Whitening Treatment

Get rid of dark eye rings for an instant, refreshed look:

Underye Fillers

Not into lasers, but want clearer and brighter skin, try this:

Ferulic Acid Chemical Peel

Want to get fit and remove cellulite at the same time? This treatment will help:

Power Plate Weight Loss and Cellulite Treatment

For a luxurious facial that will give you an instant glow:

Fil Anti Aging Stem Celluar Treatment

Bad economy = Good looks?

30 January 2010

With money tighter than ever, you would expect aesthetic treatments to be the last thing on everyone’s mind. However, with the current job market, there is more pressure than ever to look young and attractive, which is sending people in droves to the doctor for minimally invasive procedures. These procedures have short to no recovery time, but can make you look younger and instill confidence on your job search.

Here’s an interesting article I found in Channel News Asia reporting about the trend:

More people are going for aesthetic treatments despite the recession, and what is interesting is that increasing numbers of them are men.

To look their best this festive season, some are pulling out all the stops.

Aesthetic service providers said business has increased some 30 per cent despite the recession.

Many go for botox and laser treatments to reduce ageing signs, while others opt to go under the knife to sharpen their image.

But if you think these only involve women, think again. Men now make up 15 per cent of clients.

Dr Gerard Tan, medical director, Neuglow, said: “Men also realise the importance of actually looking good. A lot of all these procedures are non-invasive and do not need much time.

“All they have to do is to come in for a simple procedure, may it be a botox injection or filling up a void in their face – just basically simple procedures. This has made them want to come in, more actually.”

Observers said people are more willing to invest in aesthetic treatments to get an edge in the job market – especially during an economic downturn.

Some have even gone to the point of getting non-scientifically proven treatments. These include cellular therapy and placenta injections which are supposed to regenerate youthful looks.

Currently, doctors need to seek approval from the Singapore Medical Council’s Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee before offering such procedures. This is because they are not considered well-established practices in the aesthetic treatment field.

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