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National Day goodies!

7 August 2010

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How to stay young forever

8 July 2010

Today’s post is going to be different as I am not going to talk about beauty treatments. Instead, I am going to share with you another method of staying and looking young – do fun and exciting things that make you happy!

I’ve recently started gymnastics class and can feel myself growing younger after every class! Each class is a rollicking good time set in a giant playground replete with every child’s fantasy – beams, trampoline and lots of big, padded things all designed for one thing – FUN!

All thoughts and worries fly out of my head as soon as class starts as I have to concentrate 110% on the trainer’s instructions as he/she guides us through cartwheels, forward rolls, back flips, trampoline and balancing beam tricks as well as an assortment of super-intensive conditioning exercises.

I had to get over my initial fear of breaking my limbs or twisting my neck, and just go for it, trusting my body and mind to coordinate to achieve its goal.  The feeling I get from pulling off a new gym stunt is nothing short of exhilarating! It’s a natural high – endorphins flood my body, my face glows and my eyes are shining. Now, who needs creme de la mer?

True, expensive creams and aesthetic treatments can help you achieve great skin. But what is great skin if your eyes are dead and you have no zest for life? So, go ahead and sign up for that cooking class, Spanish lesson or martial arts course you’ve been eyeing (next up on my agenda!). The fountain of youth is within you –  you just have to find the key to unlock it!

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What are your beauty concerns?

2 July 2010

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide

May was an especially stressful month for me as I had to complete both the Aesthetics magazine and my book concurrently, on top of my social media consultancy business. As a result, I was high-strung and bit off the heads of poor aunties who dared stray into my queue. Not something I want to repeat soon.

To ensure that history does not repeat itself, I have started thinking about the topics I’ll want to feature for the January issue of Aesthetics & Beauty Guide. Here are some I’m keen on:

1. Rise of Medical Spas

2. Breasts and buttocks fillers

3. Laser hair removal special

4. Wellness: Detox retreats/gyrotonic exercise

5. Cosmeceutical skincare

6. Reviews: whitening, eyebag treatments – suggestions from friends

What about you? Are there any aesthetic/beauty/wellness topics you want me to cover?

What Is Your Dream List Of Beauty Treatments?

27 August 2009
lots of money for beauty treatments

lots of money for beauty treatments!

If money was no object, this will be my dream list:

1. Erbium laser treatment twice a year

2. IPL hair removal for armpits, Brazilian and lower legs

3. Laser teeth whitening once a year

What is yours?