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Dark Eye Circles – Is There A Cure?

16 October 2010

Your shiners, your raccoon eyes, your blue luggage… whatever you call your dark under-eye circles, here’s what they really are: oxidising hemoglobin.

Most people think that dark under-eye circles are caused by staying up late watching monster movies, or having that last drink the night before, or sitting up with your laptop trying to finish the quarterly report. Most people think that their behavior is somehow linked to dark under-eye circles.

Well, most people are dead wrong.

If nothing else, I want you to know that dark under-eye circles are not your fault. They don’t mysteriously appear when you misbehave or are stressed out, only to vanish when you get 8 straight hours of sleep. Dark under-eye circles are a by-product of the very same mechanism that produces bruises (and you don’t blame yourself for bruising, do you?). Changing your behavior will, in almost every case, NOT get rid of your dark under-eye circles.

Dark under-eye circles begin in the capillaries, the tiny blood vessels that web the delicate skin around the eyes. Now, your capillaries are so small that red blood cells sometimes have to line up, single file, to get through. Frequently, red blood cells get lost and wander into the surrounding skin. This isn’t a problem – it happens all the time – and your body has a mechanism to mop up these escapees. Enzymes in your body break down the red blood cells, including their hemoglobin (the molecule that gives them their distinctive red color).

No problem, right? Except for one thing: when hemoglobin is broken down, its remaining components have a dark blue-black color. Just like a bruise. So your dark under-eye circles are actually caused by leaky capillaries. 

It’s quite possible that capillaries all over your body are leaking small amounts of blood all the time (I don’t know if this is true or not). But the reason dark under-eye circles are so apparent is this: the skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest, most delicate skin of your entire body. The capillaries are much closer to the surface of the skin there. Many people’s skin is not only thinner around the eyes, but also more translucent. The combination of capillaries near the skin’s surface and translucent skin makes this discoloration much more apparent. And that’s why you have those dark under-eye circles staring back at you in the mirror.

Home remedies:

The most effective remedy for dark circles is also the most cliche. Thin slices of cucumber applied to your eyes not only helps to lighten the skin, but also soothes and cools the eyes. This can be especially comforting if you’ve been up late the night before or your eyes are red and tired from allergies or staring at a laptop screen.

The caffeine in tea bags acts as a remedy for dark circles by diminishing puffiness. Caffeine in tea helps to diminish water in the tissues around the eyes (you’ll notice that many early eye circle creams contain caffeine for this very reason). In addition, tea contains antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin. Take a used tea bag (green, black or white) that’s been squeezed out. Make sure it’s cool! Leave it over your eyes for about 10 minutes. You’ll see a noticeable improvement in puffiness and under-eye circles. Be careful not to get tea in your eyes.

Lazy to raid your fridge? Look for eye creams or lotions that contain cucumber extracts or caffeine. Alternatively, you can try this aesthetic treatment – Undereye fillers, to lessen your dark eye circles:

Why Medical Spas may be the new big thing…

22 May 2010

A medical spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of medical doctor. Medical spa menus vary, but you can usually get medical spa treatments like laser treatments, laser hair removal, IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments, microdermabrasion, photofacials, injectables like Botox and fillers, chemical peels and skin tightening.

The types of cosmetic medical procedures that are ideal for a medical spa setting usually fall into these four categories – incision-less, provide minimal discomfort, little to no skin wound, and be performed in less than one hour. Newer, non-ablative procedures that do not remove the epidermis and provide no obvious wounding, are ideal in a medical spa. The most commonly know technologies that lead to such skin improvement include CoolTouch, Smoothbeam, Photorejuvenation and Nlite. Multiple treatments with these laser and light source machines leads to improvement in skin toning with a reduction of mild wrinkles.

In addition to such non-ablative approaches that improve the collagen in the skin, Botox and filler injections are also ideal for a high quality medical spa as they can be done in less than one hour with no significant visible wound. On top of these anti-aging and wrinkle treatments, laser hair removal is another commonly performed procedure in medical spas.

Most medical spas also tend to have a more clinical atmosphere than day spas even though they offer relaxing services like massages and body treatments. Some medical spas even have a wellness focus and include services like acupuncture, nutritional counseling and naturopathic doctor consultations. Medical spas are ideal for people who would like a more holistic experience. Unlike aesthetic clinics where you zip in and out after your treatment, customers at medical spas can choose to top up their laser treatments with a massage and enjoy the relaxing amenities of the spa. This new hybrid blends the best of two worlds – a relaxing spa experience with the procedures and expertise found at a doctor’s office.

Anti Aging Workshop

2 April 2010

Dr Dana Elliott

“Solutions for Skin Laxity versus Skin Quality – Any Difference?”

What: Learn about the various anti aging treatments – from Botox to fillers, and find out which solution suits you best!

When: 17th April, 2pm

Where:  The Aesthetic Clinic at Shaw Centre Penthouse 27th Floor.

How much: Free admission. 10 places only, so please leave your name and contact number here or email to [email protected]

Go here for more information about Dr Dana Elliott:

Sculptra – The Non-Surgical Face Lift?

10 December 2009

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments are becoming more popular and Sculptra is the latest anti aging treatment generating lots of buzz in the market.  Made up of poly-L-lactic acid and delivered underneath the skin via injections, Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that will encourage your own collagen to grow.

It is especially good for hollowed out areas of the face due to aging like sunken temples, tear troughs (area under the eyes), droopy cheeks and deep nasolabial folds around the mouth. Patients will gradually look more rejuvenated with plumped up firmness one month after treatment and results will peak at around three months. Unlike fillers which is immediate, Sculptra works gradually to restore what has been lost and once your treatment plan is complete, results can last for up to 2 years.

Here are some pictures of a Sculptra workshop I attended this afternoon organised by the Anti Aging & Aesthetics Medicine Society Of Singapore:



Sculptra-filled needles lined up & ready to go!

Sculptra-filled needles lined up & ready to go!

Patient getting Sculptra injected into his sunken tear trough by Dr Jonathan Lee

Patient getting Sculptra injected into his sunken tear trough by Dr Jonathan Lee

The most important part - massaging Sculptra to distribute it all over the face

The most important part - massaging Sculptra to distribute it all over the face

Dr Roy Chio using Sculptra for his patient

Dr Roy Chio using Sculptra for his patient

Anti Aging & Aesthetics Medicine Society Of Singapore and their patients for Sculptra

Anti Aging & Aesthetics Medicine Society Of Singapore and their patients for Sculptra

For more information about this anti aging treatment, visit my website here:

Facial Remodelling Workshop

26 November 2009
Facial Remodelling expert, Dr Z

Facial Remodelling expert, Dr Z

I’m looking forward to attending a Facial Remodelling Workshop conducted by facial remodelling expert, Dr Z, next Friday. At the workshop, he will educate us on Botox and fillers as well as do live demonstrations on 2 lucky attendees!

I’ve seen Dr Z in action before, in fact, I was a patient of his – he helped smoothen out the bump on my nose with two quick and painless injections of fillers. Facial remodelling is the latest non-invasive, non-surgical facial enhancement treatment with no down-time.

For more information on Facial Remodelling. go here:

Look out for my coverage of his workshop next week :)

Facial Remodelling Example – Wow!

27 August 2009
facial remodelling before photo

facial remodelling before photo

facial remodelling after photo

facial remodelling after photo

I’m blown away! She looks like a different person…
I have a facial remodelling treatment valued at $3,000 for one lucky reader!
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