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Best Skin Solver For Hyperpigmentation

20 May 2011

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation (melasma), here are the recommended prescription and over-the-counter treatments:


Hydroquinone (a benzene derivative that fades dark spots)

How it helps:

Bleaches darkened areas by preventing formation of pigment.

How to use it:

Apply twice a day and only to hyperpigmented areas. May be combined with products with AHA or salicylic acids.

Inside scoop:

- Be patient: improvements may take 4 to 8 weeks to become apparent.

- Stop immediately if area becomes darkened.

- Diligent sun prevention is a must to prevent reversal of benefit.

- Give non-prescription forms 2 months to work, if they’re not effective, switch to prescription strength.

Products recommended:

- Over the counter: La-Roche Posay Biomedic Conditioning Gel (2%)

- By prescription: Generic hydroquinone (4%), Tri-Luma, EpiQuin Micro, Lustra or Lustra Ultra

For more information, check out Dr Amy Wechsler’s book, The Mind-Body Connection.

Why I Started

11 September 2009

As I network and make my rounds in the aesthetics industry, I always get asked this question – Why did you start Yes, number one reason is vanity, because I would like to know and try anti aging treatments, but there is another more noble cause behind it.

IPL burns

IPL burns

I’ve had friends who have been burnt by IPL treatments or had suffered hyperpigmentation after laser treatments. Most of them did their treatments at beauty salons, not at aesthetic doctors. Aesthetic treatments when done with the right accredited doctors can really enhance your complexion and solve a magnitude of skin problems, not make things worse!

So, was started to educate people on the proper procedures as well as point them in the right direction of aesthetic doctors who have been tested and approved. Everyone should have great skin, yet there are people walking around with acne, pitted scars, pigmentation, etc.

Hopefully, will be the antidote to all that :)

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