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New Anti-Aging Clinic – DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

30 May 2012

“Ageing is optional” – This is the tagline of newly-opened aesthetic clinic, DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, which prides itself on three values – safety, results and luxury.

Located on the fifth floor of ION Orchard, this urban retreat is perfectly catered for sophisticated clients who can be dropped off directly outside its entrance, allowing them immense convenience and privacy in accessing the clinic. Be pampered the moment you enter the clinic by their in-house concierge, where you will wait in the plush private lounge and be served refreshing beverages such as juices, organic teas, including Bird’s Nest! You will also be handed your personal iPad where you can browse the web or check out DERMACARE™’s very own app which showcases all their treatments and you can even watch videos of their procedures in this interactive app.

DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic, slimming and luxury facial treatments – from HydraFacials to Ultherapy, to cater to your every discerning need – marrying medical expertise with the highest standards of quality and unparalleled luxurious pampering.

DERMACARE™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic is located at #05-05, ION Orchard. For more information, visit and “Like” their Facebook page at

Botched Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Jobs

1 October 2010

Don’t risk your looks by going for cheaper deals abroad or to the beautician when you are doing cosmetic or aesthetic treatments.  Here are some horror stories to drive the message across:

1. Xiaxue’s bad eye job in Johor Bahru

This famous blogger documented her fiasco with a shoddy China doctor in JB in lurid, graphic details. She wanted to cut her eyes to create anime eyes popular in Japan. Not only did she look the same after the surgery, her wounds healed badly and got septic. She’s lucky she did not go blind!

Full story here:

2. Laser treatment leaves woman burnt

This lady wanted laser hair removal on her pubic area and suffered intense pain after the treatment.  The next day, the area erupted into blisters.  She went to her GP then to a dermatologist who told her she had second degree burns and prescribed her a special cream. Unfortunately, this episode has caused her to be scarred for life.

Full story here:

3.  Cosmetic surgery addict injects herself with cooking oil

Cosmetic surgery addict, Hang Mioku, started injecting herself with cooking oil after doctors refused to carry out anymore work on her as she was suffering from a psychological disorder.  Her face became so grotesquely large that she was called “standing fan” by children in her neighbourhood – due to her large face and small body. As Hang’s notoriety spread she was featured on Korean TV. Viewers seeing the report took mercy on her and sent in enough donations to enable her to have surgery to reduce the size of her face. During the first procedure surgeons removed 60g of foreign substance from Hang’s face and 200g from her neck. After several other sessions her face was left greatly reduced but still scarred and disfigured.

Full story here:

Moral of the stories – always seek reputable and qualified doctors to do aesthetic or cosmetic surgery treatments for you. After all, aren’t you worth the investement?

Need help? Check out for qualified practitioners.

Have you got your copy yet?

20 August 2010

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide

Aesthetics & Beauty Guide (ABG) is the first aesthetics magazine from Singapore to bridge the information gap between medical professionals and the layman. In every issue, you will find detailed treatment reviews , the lowdown on the latest aesthetic treatments available and profiles of qualified medical professionals – basically, your go-to guide for all things aesthetics.

I started last year in my personal pursuit to look for the best aesthetic treatments for myself. My partnership with ABG has allowed me to share my vast experience with a wider pool of women (and men!).  In the name of “work”, I’ve reviewed almost 20 treatments and looking at my skin now – smooth, radiant and taut, I’m definitely a big believer that aesthetic treatments can help you get better skin and maintain your complexion for many years to come.

In this inaugural issue of ABG, you’ll get a crash course in Aesthetics 101, reviews of the latest and most effective aesthetic treatments, hear from Dr Georgia Lee as she talks about her new skincare range, get all your acne questions answered by renown dermatologist, Dr Joyce Lim, get the skinny on the newest slimming treatments to get rid of your wobbly bits, and many more health and beauty tips.

ABG is available at all major newstands and bookstores, get your copy before it’s sold out (I hear that Kino and Borders have had to replenish and copies are being stolen from doctors’ clinics)!





Upcoming Anti Aging Workshops

30 April 2010

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Don’t know your Mosaic from your Fraxel? Or confused about what laser treatments are suitable for you? Get all your anti aging questions answered here… The Aesthetics Clinic’s , “Solutions for Skin Laxity versus Skin Quality – Any Difference?” Workshop is back by popular demand.

Dates: 29th May Sat 2-4pm, 17th July Sat 2-4pm

Where: The Aesthetics Clinic @ Bukit Batok Civil Service Club
91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, Singapore 659206
Date: 12th June Sat 2-4pm
Where:  The Aesthetic Clinic @Shaw Centre Penthouse 27th Floor
Free admission for all! Call 62358770 to reserve your seat now.

Anti Aging Santarina

23 December 2009
Facial Remodelling - Get a sharper face in minutes!

Facial Remodelling - Get a sharper face in minutes!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is looking radiant and having a bubbly celebration :)

I’ve actually been feeling like an anti aging Santarina for the last 6 months- bestowing anti aging and laser treatments on friends and readers of my website, I love to see how happy they are after their treatments and it makes my job very fulfilling.

Here are some of their reviews:

If you’d like to join them, sign up here:

Alternatively, join my Facebook Fan Page for free reviews and promotions:

My Great Skin Guide

7 October 2009
Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises

Just came back from a great run up Mt Faber with my puppy. Doing cardio not only keeps your body strong and young, it can also improve your complexion.  Blood starts pumping in your face, drawing oxygen to your skin, giving you an instant radiant complexion. And, it’s free!

Even though I am a big believer in laser treatments, I also believe in being holistic. Doing thousand-dollar caviar facials and laser treatments every month will not help you if you smoke, are stressed and eat rubbish. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. When your internal organs are working well,  your skin glows and is taut.

Yoga for relaxation

Yoga for relaxation

I started looking after myself better in my late 20s. I quit smoking and began an exercise regime –  pilates and yoga to relax and running for cardio, ate more fruits and vegetables – choosing food with high omega like salmon for its skin loving properties. I cut back on sugar as too much of it ages skin. I also tried to relax more – to be more aware of the present, less worrying and being content. Having a balanced nervous system not only does wonders for your skin, but also makes you a more fun person to be around!

I think that all my efforts have paid well (on top of the laser treatments I try for my work) as I often get mistaken for my younger sister :)

How about you? Do you have any skin care tips to share?

Why I Started

11 September 2009

As I network and make my rounds in the aesthetics industry, I always get asked this question – Why did you start Yes, number one reason is vanity, because I would like to know and try anti aging treatments, but there is another more noble cause behind it.

IPL burns

IPL burns

I’ve had friends who have been burnt by IPL treatments or had suffered hyperpigmentation after laser treatments. Most of them did their treatments at beauty salons, not at aesthetic doctors. Aesthetic treatments when done with the right accredited doctors can really enhance your complexion and solve a magnitude of skin problems, not make things worse!

So, was started to educate people on the proper procedures as well as point them in the right direction of aesthetic doctors who have been tested and approved. Everyone should have great skin, yet there are people walking around with acne, pitted scars, pigmentation, etc.

Hopefully, will be the antidote to all that :)

Find out the solutions to all your skin problems here:

Laser Treatments – Sights And Sounds Of A Laser Treatment

19 August 2009
YouTube Preview Image

Watch my video of a laser treatment using the Q-switched Nd-Yag laser.

Read Felicia’s review here:

Bloggers Needed!

18 August 2009
Ash of Starmist blog reviews IPL acne treatment

Ash of Starmist blog reviews IPL acne treatment

I would like to create a dream team of expert reviewers made up of bloggers.

As I have started work on my fourth book, I am looking to outsource my laser treatment reviews and bloggers are the best suited as they are comfortable writing and taking pictures.

If you become my expert reviewer, you get to enjoy laser treatments for free – saving you thousands of dollars and giving you glowing, healthy skin!

Not too shabby eh?

If you are a blogger and you are keen, sign up here with your blog address and I will get in touch with you:

In the meantime, read my first blogger’s review here:

Laser Treatments Quickie Guide

12 August 2009
Erbium laser treatment

Erbium laser treatment

It’s easy to feel lost looking at all the various laser treatments available. Here’s a quickie guide to help:

1. Problem: Acne

Erbium laser treatment

2. Problem: Acne scars and pigmentation

AHP Weekend Peel

Fractional CO2 laser treatment

Pixel Skin Resurfacing laser treatment

3. Fine lines

AHP Weekend Peel

Pixel Skin Resurfacing laser treatment

4. Rejuvenation

Dermlift laser treatment

SpectraPeel laser treatment

GrandiLite treatment

5. Saggy skin

GrandiLite treatment

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