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How To Get A Hollywood Smile

23 January 2010

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” says American writer, Martin Charnin.

It’s true. Your smile is the centerpiece of your facial expression and it conveys warmth, love and sincerity. No wonder 96% of people agree that having a great smile makes you more appealing to the opposite sex.

So what makes a good smile and what can we do to achieve that?

Hollywood Smile Makeover workshop at Orchard Scotts Dental

Hollywood Smile Makeover workshop at Orchard Scotts Dental

That’s the theme for the Hollywood Smile Makeover workshop I attended at Orchard Scotts Dental today. According to presenter, Dr Ronnie Yap, a perfect smile comprises of:

 - Straight, evenly spaced teeth

- Healthy white teeth

- Top teeth should show without too much gums

- Top teeth should meet lower teeth smoothly

Treatments available for the perfect smile include:

 - Teeth whitening where you can opt to have it done at the clinic (called the in-office whitening) or do it yourself with a take home whitening kit.

- Onlays where you replace your old mercury fillings with porcelain ones that are the same colour as your teeth. Mercury fillings may leak into your body and be toxic.

- Veneers which can whiten and lengthen damaged teeth.



- Invisalign, the new invisible braces that can straighten your teeth in nine to 15 months. The braces look like retainers, are very thin and you have to change them every two weeks till you achieve your desired result. Usually 18 to 30 sets are used and costs range from $6500 to $9000. Over one million cases have been done worldwide.

- Gum reshaping where lasers are used to even out gums.

Patient before and after smile rejuvenation

Patient before and after smile rejuvenation

- Full mouth rejuvenation, also called life-changing dentistry, and from the before and after photos of patients. The results were indeed amazing – all of them looked younger, fresher and happier!

Dr Yap is a dentist who is extremely well-versed in teeth aesthetics as well as holistic dentistry. The latter is where he treats body ailments like headaches, ear problems and neckaches by working on your teeth. According to Dr Yap, the way you bite or clench your teeth can result in these problems. Several treatments are available depending on your condition and what you prefer.

Today’s workshop started off with two participants selected to do a temporary smile makeover. First, molds of their teeth were taken, then these molds were used to create the temporary teeth veneers that were like dentures, placed over the real teeth. The result was astounding as you can see.

Jenny before and after her temporary smile makeover

Jenny before and after her temporary smile makeover

Jenny, the selected candidate looked immediately more radiant with her new smile and even her eyes were bigger as she did not have to strain so much to show her top teeth now!

The friendly team at Orchard Scotts Dental with their model today

The friendly team at Orchard Scotts Dental with their model today

There is so much more to teeth than just tools for mastication and Orchard Scotts Dental, with its team of friendly and highly knowledgeable doctors and staff, is the perfect place to go to get your perfect smile!

How Perfect Teeth Makes You Look Younger

16 January 2010


Most of us don’t realize is that age affects more than just our skin. To look young, it is not only important to have a great complexion, it is also as important to understand the other aspects can easily give away the fact that you are turning old. One such aspect is your teeth.

Now you may ask how can teeth possibly reflect your age, or make you look older. It has been proved that as one turns older, teeth tends to turn yellow and look damaged. These factors depend a lot on how we maintain our teeth. Though, one thing is for sure, the more you ignore your teeth, the worse they will look, especially during your old age.

To look younger, teeth aesthetics (eg, teeth whitening, Invisialign) is a treatment everybody should opt for. Remember, it is always better to start with subtle yet noticeable aspects on your face before attempting any major anti aging treatments. A person with a dazzling smile displaying straight, white teeth looks fresh and smart. He or she looks more confident and full of vigor than someone with yellow, damaged teeth which can make them look dull and unkempt. Bright and shiny teeth brighten up your entire face each time you smile.

It is important for one to understand that looks is not just about the most prominent features looking good, looks is about the combined impact of all features on one’s face, whether it is sharply noticeable or not. One faulty feature can ruin the entire beauty of the face and can make one look much older.

Keen to find out how you can have a beautiful smile like Angelina Jolie? Look out for my review of Hollywood Smile Makeover workshop organized by Orchard Scotts Dental next week!

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