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Regular Women Do Aesthetic Treatments

13 August 2010

I often hear from my readers that they think that aesthetic treatments are too expensive or only relegated to tai-tais. That is just a myth as prices are really competitive now (check out this amazing promotion and my review!) and people from all walks of life are discovering the benefits of aesthetic treatments (look out for my interview next Friday in IS magazine!).

Shirleen Ho

Shirleen Ho

One example is Shirleen Ho, a digital traffic manager and beauty blogger at who has been doing aesthetic treatments for the last eight years. Shirleen is also 42 years old! Doesn’t she look much younger? Aesthetic treatments must really be working well for her! Here, she shares her experiences with her aesthetic treatments:

1. When did you start doing aesthetic treatments?

- Eight years ago, in my 30s.

2. What did you do and were you happy with the results?

- I started with microdermabrasion and IPL and were happy with both. This combination treatment made my skin glow.

3. What treatments have you done so far?

- Other than the two above, I have done Titan, Thermage, Fraxel (only eye areas), Pixel, Pigment laser (on cheeks), CO2 laser (only nasolabial fold), Radio Frequency, Botox (on my chin, forehead & brows) and Fillers.

4. Favourite treatment? Least favourite treatment? Why?

- Favourite treatment is probably IPL as I had great results. Least favourite – Pixel laser as I didn’t see any results and Botox on the chin area for face slimming. There was no different before and after the treatment.

5. Advice for women who are thinking of trying aesthetic treatments?

- Do your homework. First, identify what is your skin concern, find out what the various treatments available are, do research on reviews of these treatments then select the ideal doctor to perform the treatment.

Great bargains not to be missed!

23 July 2010

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

I got a few of my blogger friends some aesthetic treats in the last two weeks. They reviewed a range of aesthetic skin treatments from HealthTrends and HealthTrends was kind enough to offer crazy discounts for readers of their blogs.

What they tried:

1. Acne Scar reduction by Mosaic eCO2 fractional laser. This is great for reducing acne scars and costs $1200 per treatment.
2. Skin Rejuvenation and removal of pigmentation by USA Medlite C6 Laser. Self-explanatory and costs $320 per session.
3. Rejuvenating Peel by TCA. This costs $280 per treatment and is great for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

Being the nice person that I am (ahem!), I thought I’d point you in the right directions so that you can get to try these skin treatments at a great discount too. Personally, I’ve tried the CO2 fractional laser and it was very effective in rejuvenating skin but it is a strong laser so expect some downtime. Here’s my review:

Below are the links to the blogger reviews and follow the instructions to redeem your discount. Christmas just came early, enjoy and don’t forget to thank me for your great skin :)




How to get a $600 hi-tech facial for $210…

19 July 2010

DNA-RNA Platinum NanoPLUS Treatment

Platinum and silver are used for jewellery but do you know that these precious metals contain anti-bacterial and antioxidants that can be used to achieve exceptional results in skin rejuvenation?

Platinum helps lock in skin moisture while enhancing skin self-defense function. Silver, an anti-bacteria agent used by NASA as a preservative of drinking water, can enhance skin immune system, boost blood circulation, skin metabolism and prevent skin degradation.   

I got a chance to experience this outstanding treatment at TOUCHE™ Elite, and now you can get a chance to try this amazing facial valued at $600 for only $210! Read my review here and then follow the instructions there:

Laser Treatments – Sights And Sounds Of A Laser Treatment

19 August 2009
YouTube Preview Image

Watch my video of a laser treatment using the Q-switched Nd-Yag laser.

Read Felicia’s review here: