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How not to have your husband do a Jack Neo…

17 March 2010
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It is inevitable. You will age and your husband’s eyes may wander. As in the case of Jack Neo.

Looking at the old pictures of him and his wife, Irene. I must say that Irene is quite the catch for him with her pretty Eurasian looks. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll with her and she does not quite look as fetching now. Is that the reason for him hitting on young (very young!) women? I can’t say but it is a common fact that men do like sweet young things as they get older.

Thankfully, there are now many non-invasive aesthetic treatments that can help maintain your good looks without resorting to going under the knife. 

Here’s some advice from Dr David Loh:

Go for subtle changes that will gradually improve over time. Enhance your inner beauty and confidence without changing your looks too dramatically. Less is indeed more! Choose treatments, like the Ulthera, that makes you look and feel good without any curiosity or suspicious attention from people around you.  Imagine a painless instant facelift that leaves absolutely no swelling, redness or marks. That is the Ulthera Non-surgical Facelift.

Here’s more information about the Ulthera Non-surgical Facelift: 

According to Dr David Loh, each treatment offered by his clinic is not there by chance. “They are all beyond doubt the gentlest within its class of treatments. For example Ulthera Non-surgical Facelift, as a skin tightening procedure, leaves absolutely no redness or visible marks. It is such an elegant procedure that patients feel confident enough return to work the same day. This is unlike many popular laser treatments offered today where there is some redness (or a feeling of rawness) that may take several days to go away.”
VASER is another example where less is more. Less pain and recovery time, but more fats are removed. It is indisputably the gentlest among office-based liposuction procedures. The sound waves that destroy the fat cells do no harm to the blood vessels, nerves or muscles. This process is called Vaser Lipo-Selection. Bruising and discomfort is reduced to a fraction that compared with conventional liposuction.

How NOT to die from Liposuction

7 January 2010
CEO Franklin Heng who died from liposuction recently

CEO Franklin Heng who died from liposuction recently

The recent case of Franklin Heng, CEO of YTL Plastic Star could be the first case of someone in Singapore dying from Liposuction.

So is liposuction safe?

This depends upon many factors. I mean, yes – it is safe if the below factors are in your favor and the guidelines followed.

Success and safety depends largely on these factors:

- If you disclose your complete medical history, conditions, medications, and anything else which is pertinent to helping a surgeon assess if you are a good candidate

- The ability of a surgeon to determine if you are a true candidate for the procedure

- The surgical skill and training of the surgeon

- The skill and training of the anesthesiologist (if applicable) and surgical staff

- Your willingness to follow post-operative protocol obediently

Here are some key factors to increase your chances of a safe and satisfying surgery. You must realize things DO happen but you can do your best to prevent them.

Before embarking on liposuction:

- Research, research, research! This means finding out about the procedure, the risks, the recovery and what to expect, most importantly, YOUR SURGEON

- Search for a properly trained and extremely experienced surgeon to perform your liposuction. Make sure they are certified to give you the results you desire – safely

- Go on consistent results and word of mouth. But it is YOUR decision, don’t let your friends sway your decision

- Inquire regarding the skill and training of the surgical and recovery staff

- Be sure to convey your exact expectations, and make sure they are realistic. You can’t turn into Megan Fox overnight with a little liposuction

- Prepare your mind before your procedure and don’t have overly high expectations – this is important to avoid disappointment

- Follow post-operative protocol as instructed

- Attend your post-operative appointments

Fighting Fat

4 January 2010
Fat loss with LipoSelection

Fat loss with LipoSelection

Women in Singapore are obsessed about losing weight.  Case in point: all the ads in the papers are from slimming centres (or bust enhancement places!). A recent survey with my readers of also reveal that weight loss is a popular topic. That is why my editorial in January for will be about body sculpting and fat loss. A very apt topic for now, me thinks, what with the end of the festive season and before Chinese New Year.

Here are some interesting facts about fats:

We are born with 10 billion fat cells. According to researchers from the University of California who studied about 180 infants for 15 years, this number of fat cells then grows through late childhood and early puberty after which it is pretty much set. A person at a healthy weight may have 30 to 40 billion fat cells, while an obese person can have up to 100 billion fat cells! Women generally inherit more fat cells at 35 billion compared to 26 billion in men. Fat cells increase in size, but not in number when we gain weight as adults.

It was found that the number of fat cells you have stays constant in adulthood and this number is largely determined during the teenage years. So if life seems unfair, perhaps it was something you ate in your teens!

My Body Sculpting special will feature a fat loss expert who will answer questions from readers. Questions like:

  1. What exercises are best for weight loss?
  2. I would like to lose 5 kilos by next month for my wedding, what are the best options?
  3. What is the difference between liposuction and LipoSelection?
  4. How much fat can be removed and what happens to my excess skin?
  5. And more…

The Body Sculpting special will also feature a Vaser LipoSelection treatment review and I will need a candidate for this. If you are keen, join my Facebook Fan Page on the upper-right hand column and post “I want to try out LipoSelection” on the wall.

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