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The New Frontier Of Anti Aging

Look young, feel young!

Age management is the new buzzword for anti aging. These are treatments are designed to tackle chronic fatigue, stress and other aging signs which are the by-products of a hectic city life.

Treatments available include:

1. Nutraceutical Consultation and Testing

Pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements are prescribed according to individual requirements. These can help increase energy levels, control blood sugar, prevent bone loss, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and help the bodu cope with chronic stress.

2. Bio-idenical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our bodies produce less of the essential hormones we need for optimal function as we age. Women and men undergo difficulties at menopause and these bio-identical hormones are customised and prescribed to slow the onward march of time.  It is suitable for both men and women and they are clinically indicated and supported by laboratory data.

3. Stress Hormones Evaluation

Stress increases the production of a stress hormone called the cortisol, a natural defence mechanism of the body. However, extended periods of elevated cortisol levels create many negative consequences such as inability to sleep well, heart problems and lowered immunity. An evaluation test, via a simple blood test, is suitable for individuals who are chronically fatigued. This helps to identify unhealthy levels of cortisol in your body and problems with your adrenal glands.

4. Oxidative Stress Test

Cells of the body are constantly under attack and damaged by free radicals which are produced naturally and environmentally. The reaction of free radicals with our lipids, proteins and DNA, known as oxidative stress on the body, can lead to cancer, heart disease, conditions related to the immune system, diseases and premature aging. You may also wish to consider an oxidative stress test if you have any pre-existing medical condition related to the above organs, have a poor diet, suffer from chronic stress, fatigue, allergies, sinus or smoke.

If you’re keen to explore these treatments, you can check out Prive Clinic which offers these age management procedures. Go to http://www.priveclinic.com for more information.

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